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hey everyone lookin to start to grow for personal use...got 2 outdoor plants going and looking well, going to try and do some indoor ones for over the winter. i've got a clone started so we'll see how that turns out :) i've got an idea lookin for some feedback on it. i'm thinking about growing like 3 plants in a 75 gallon tank...the plants will be in pots with drip trays i can empty the excess water out...will have the fish tank light...now for ventilation i was thinking of using a pump that will pump new air into the tank constantly...the tank also has a lid as most do so i would leave that open for the air to get out...i'm new to the grow scene so i still need to research some stuff i.e pruning, this site looks like it has A LOT of info i can look through...i'll keep you updated on my plant growth

any feedback about my grow idea would be greatly appreciated thanks!


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:welcome: start u a journal and ur garden will be watched by mastergrowers from all over the world, with all the tips and tricks given to u by the pros im sure ur luck will improve in many areas ... goodluck to u and ur garden ... :peace:


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thanks everyone! what do you guys think about my setup i'm going to run? i think it should work...guess we'll find out!

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Welcome to 420 dude :)

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Welcome to 420 Magazine :welcome:

I'd suggest you read our thread 420 Magazine ®

Fish tank lights are typically incandescenent and not effective at growing pot. You need CFL or metal halide for veg and HPS for flowering. Also, the downside of growing plants together in the same pot (even if huge like a 75 gallon) is that the roots become entangled. If one of the plants is male or hermi, or sick or whatever, you'll risk damaging the others when you try to remove it.

Read read read (first) ;)


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thanks for the input! they're in separate pots so i can take em out if they're male, hermie etc :) and i am looking into a new light...expensive lol!
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