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Newark Pot Dispensary, Fremont Businesses Raided and Searched

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San Jose, CA--Authorities arrested two men Tuesday after raiding and searching three Tri-City area businesses -- a Newark cannabis club and the offices of two Fremont psychics -- and a Salinas storefront, each of which are suspected sites of drug-related crimes, a state Department of Justice spokeswoman said.

Police believe each of the businesses is tied to NBD Collective, the cannabis club at 7180 Thornton Ave., on which authorities centered their investigation, spokeswoman Michelle Gregory said.

About 11:30 a.m., officers from the Southern Alameda County Major Crimes Task Force and the Newark Police Department served search warrants at the medical marijuana dispensary, which has been fighting Newark officials in court for months to stay in business, Gregory said.

At about the same time, officers raided two businesses along Fremont Boulevard that offer the services of a psychic. One is in the 38400 block, in the Glenmoor neighborhood, and the other is in the 40500 block, in the Irvington district, authorities said.

A fourth office offering the services of a psychic -- this one on North Main Street in Salinas -- also was served a search warrant Tuesday, Gregory said.

The psychic businesses were targeted because authorities said that marijuana is being sold at those establishments, Gregory said.

Police arrested Bob Uwanawich, 38, at the Irvington district address, and Teddy Miller, 47, at the Salinas business, authorities said.

Both men were arrested on suspicion of five counts of sale of marijuana, Gregory said. They are expected to be arraigned at the Fremont Hall of Justice by Thursday, she said.

Authorities have seized more than $30,000 in cash at three of the four addresses, police said. At the Newark cannabis club, investigators discovered a rifle, 20 pounds of marijuana, and 500 brownies or pieces of candy with THC content, Gregory said.

"All of the businesses are tied into NBD Collective and are associated with the two people we've arrested," she said.

Authorities, including Newark police and the Major Crimes Task Force, have been investigating the cannabis club since March, Gregory said.

Now, investigators will be poring through the businesses' safety-deposit boxes and bank accounts, and the Franchise Tax Board will be looking at their earnings, she said.


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Is a rifle really needed at a dispensary ?? These businesses sound like a scam is running under a false pretense. This surely hurts the people working within the law. Nowhere is a physic whatever to be connected to a marijuana dispensary as the law is written. RD :peace::peace::peace:
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