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Hey smoking as a new user of this site and also a fairly new (6 months) smoker i would like to know what your opinion of the strongest but smoothest bud about :D ? :peace: :high-five::bravo::welcome::420::thanks::goodjob::thumb::love::circle-of-love::cheer::Namaste:


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Re: Newb here :p

Welcome yelnats, good luck with your quest - the Strain Reviews is a great place to start, keep in mind that the Sativa strains tend to be more of a heady high and the indicas tend to be more of a body/couch lock. Also, the state of the trichomes when you harvest will impact the THC content vs CBD. From a Medical perspective the CBD provides the anti-inflammatory component and helps with rest and appetite while the THC is what provides the cancer killing ability, etc. Poke around and you'll find tons of info.
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