Newbe question for 40 acre grow


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Hi all, new to this group and new to growing. I really need seed help for growing Industrial Hemp. Not sure it I want to grow for CBD, Seeds, or Fibers.
Have 40 acres in high desert, need to know what is the best seed to grow for commercial sales. I would like a combination of seeds with very low THC levels, to plant next year.
Is there any help, Do I plant seed for grains, or seed for CBD, or starters for high CBD? Want to make a few dollars per acre if I can.


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Best revenue per acre is probably going to be CBD, but it will probably require more care and tending to get quality product. Make sure you know what the buyers are looking for prior to planting. Outdoor on that scale means you’re going to have seeds in your product, it’s almost imposible to cull all your males. Some dispensaries will reject if seeded.

Seed would be low care, but you would want to have a buyer prior to planting. Hemp seed in this country is almost all imported and irradiated.

Same for fiber. Hemp for fiber is a new industry again in this country and it’s going to have a limited processing and distribution system. Make sure you have a buyer prior to investing.


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Thank You so much. We have buyers for the CBD but like you said fiber is a little harder. We are looking into paying extra for all female seeds for the CBD field. We are thinking about getting another 40 acres for seed production which we have buyers for that also.
Can you tell me, how far away would we need to be so the males wont pollinate the female field.
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