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Hey Gang, Starting indoor grow room for 1st time. Found system from Greentree Hydroponix, Ebb/ Flo complete. Contains: 12 buckets w/ inserts, 2 bags Hydroton medium, 55 gal. / reservior, level controler, built-in timer and pumps and all tubing fittings / fixtures. They recommend one (1) 1000 watt grow lite not included. They want $600.00 plus shipping, for 1st timer who needs all help he can get. For easy of start up and conveniance does this system for this price sound in the ballpark?? I`ve been growing outdoors for 8 seasons and last 6 have nailed it. Now want to fill in the Nov. / April down time. I know my outdoor knowlage is strong and will carry over in some areas but outdoor all organic soil to indoor organic hydro are to diffrent games that share some rules. Also looked at Blue Planet Organic Hydro kit for the juice to run in it. My big question is the price, does this sound fair for what it includes. My biggest expense outside is no-see-em netting, hell with spider mites. My spot in Florida has grasshoppers like piranha`s if I dont seal tent them there gone! I mean in HOURS gone down to the dirt!!! Good shit`s not cheap and cheap shit`s not good, and do have to start somewhere. Please any/all suggestions, comments taken with open arms!!! expesially with this system!!!
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