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Newbeez needin help

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Hey yall, we are new to this site and need some help!! This is our first grow!! We were given a plant and have been taking great care of her, she started to bud about 3 weeks ago and is about 2 feet tall, seems to be doing good, however the areas that are not budding are yellowing?? Should we trim them off??:peace2: Oh, she is an outside pet, lol
Hi ganjagurl, :welcome: to the 420Magazine forums.
And I :thanks: for joining us.
Plant is outside in a pot or in the ground?
Here's the deal, days are getting longer.
This should mess with your plant's flowering. :hmmmm:
The yellowing is probably a lack of nutes.
Tell us more.
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Thanks for the prompt response:) It's in a pot and yes the days are getting longer and its about 95 out today!! we have had it for about 4 weeks now and have fed it nothing other than water and the previous owner gave it a few shots of miracle grow. 4 weeks ago it was only about 8" tall, now it has about 30 flowers.. I could post some photos if you would like however I don't know where to post them, lol. What type of nutes do you suggest?:peace2:
:welcome:to 420Mag ganjagurl, we are here to spread cannabis awareness across the globe so if you have any questions please let us help.
I see you have hooked up with CocoJoe, TheWeed and PitViper. These Cannabis Warriors are the very best on the web and we all are here for you.
Best Wishes
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Thanks a bunch however, we are in a crazy situation, lots of bad mojo in the hood, we are going to have to cut our losses so to speak and harvest now:(:(:( And I am terrified of clowns, lol:surrender:
Hey there I do not know the strain you are growing but if you pick too early it is a complete waste. Please try to keep cool for 2-3 more weeks figure about June 1 the plant will yield the best. If you are not safe and in clowntown bail and cut your losses. This one plant is not worth becoming a statistic move on and grow again.
He who grows but keeps it cool today....
.. lives to grow another day.