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Newbie 1st grow needs advice

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I have 3 plants in a hydroponic setup.
All 3 are from seed, problem is one plant has become larger than the other 2 by a long way and is in danger of shrouding the light from it's neighbour.
They are all Trainwreck strain and in week 6 of grow with 20/4 hours light/dark.
How can I either slow the larger plant or bring the smaller plants on. Is this even necessary?


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I would raise the smaller plants. Just find a box and lift them to the light. If they ever find second gear then you may have a contender or 2. Chances are they are just weak seeds and will never do much... but that' a very high presumption.

Don't do anything negative to the big plant to help the weak ones. It's very possible that the strong plant will yield a lot more than the smaller ones. Just help the weak, show them the way. Thats about all I would do