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Newbie - forcing ladies


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I am a newbie at forcing my ladies. As an experiment, I took 4 ladies, 2 Jack Herer, 1 Thc Bomb, 1 Crinkle and introduced them to 12/12. I have a garden shed which has proven to be a great dark room. I'm using mother natures light/sun. They appear happy, this is their 15th day, a little behind I think because I had a few problems with air intake in the shed. But have corrected it. I am using Fox Farm nutes and keeping to their shedule, pro mix for soil - added sheep manure, worm castings and extra vermiculite for drainage. I also add black-strap molasses with the feedings (1tsp per gallon) and I also mist with worm casting tea. Appreciate any thoughts. How do they look for a first try? The last image is a Crinkle, she has been topped, stems broken. A gift from a friend, he was a wee bit brutal with her but she is coming along.



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