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Isn't really a "typical" as it is more what you have space for that determines it for most folks, as said above they can double in size when you put them into Flower. Size of pot will determine how big they will get as they tend to get rootbound if in too small a pot. I believe they won't Flower until about 6 weeks old for Regular (Photo) seeds (Clones and Autos no real "time" as Clones already older and Autos do their own thing when they want), some folks Veg for 2 months others go a lot longer.


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If your only growing the one strain one plant then iv found:

Tent size:

80X80 = 4 weeks

1x1m = 6 weeks

1.2x1.2 = 8 weeks

1.5x1.5 = 10-12 weeks (BIG SCROG)

All tent sizes are in meters.

I hope this helps, you can always train it to fit all 4 corners of your tent with a 100-150mm gap for airflow too.