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Newbie here!


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Hi everyone at 420 and greetings from England! I started a grow journal thread a few days back and thought i should introduce myself as others have.

I'm ex military, 10 years in the Military Police :laugh2: so that's 10 years of drug testing! I used to smoke before I joined and did it once whilst in and got busted! I was nearly kicked out for this and so never did it again in the following 9 years!

So now i'm free and have ALOT of catching up to do! :lot-o-toke: so I'm growing some White Widow and another plant marked as PA (Purple Arrow??) that came free. It's my first grow so I'm gonna need some help (please pop in and visit my journal :thumb:~), It's obviously illegal to smoke or grow here in the UK but think i'm safe here :Namaste:


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:welcome: to :420: I'm on my first grow White Widow. Almost ready to harvest.


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I'm a noob too!

I'm glad you now have the freedom to pursue the things in life that bring you joy.

I also served in the Military. I was a Combat Engineer.


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bettybud, :welcome: to :420:. We are glad that you are here. I have 1 White Widow autoflower growing. It should be ready to harvest soon I hope. We are spreading the word about cannabis and hemp to the world. https://www.420magazine.com/forums/introduce-yourself/216746-new-member-start-links.html has a lot of good links to things that may be of interest to you. Look around and if you have any questions then the Frequently Asked Questions is a good place to look for answers or to ask questions. Have a good weekend. :Namaste:
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