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Hello All and thanks for all the valuable info here. Great community. I am a first time grower looking at building a grow box from an old armoire. Obvious reason.... To keep it out of site :)
Want to build two chambers, one for veg and one for flowering. SHould I keep them the same size or make veg smaller to allow more room for advanced growth during flowering.
Any and All info is GREATLY APPRECIATED>
Thanks in Advance


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:welcome: Wanna This is a great place! Check out some of the DIY projects and some of the grows. Lots of stealth going on here. Great people and great topics!! Make yourself at home and wander around some!! ;)


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Thanx Ms Fox. I too would not like to be restricted, I would rather FILL my garage :Hookah: Due to Children, friends, the heat etc... Not an option.
Lots of good info indeed, thanx for the welcome.
I will be sure to keep up on my progress.


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:welcome:to 420Mag. We are here to spread Cannabis Awareness and Information across the globe.
I would definitely make the veg area smaller utilizing the larger area for Bloom. You answered your own question my brother:goodluck: Why not:surf: https://www.420magazine.com/forums/ and tell us what you think? I will provide some terrific links to Our Legal Medical Marijuana Gardens that will blow your mind. If there is anything we can assist you with just say the word. Have a great and safe time, see you on the boards.
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