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Newbie issues germ/sprouting


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Hi All, Newbie here but have been on the site collecting info. Bought 5 fem auto seeds Snowryder. Need low height due to grow cabinet height limitations.
Tried to germ 4 seeds so far. Not all at once. 3 have germinated, 1 seed has not (7+ days). The seeds took over 48 hrs to germinate.

The papertowel has worked best so far for me; tried the water in a coffee cup covered to no avail. Planted the three germinated seeds. Each had diff length root tails. The longest about 3/8". OC soil baked and water PHed. 75% soil 25% perlite. Temp around 76. Light 18/6 PL55 biax. Fans in box and inline to outside vent. Going on 72 hours and no sprout popping up. Seed is buried approx 1/4",in small cup, soil wet at seeding and misted after. Saran wrap loosely over top.

The seeds are not sprouting/growing. Too impatient? Bad seeds? Old seeds? Seeds purchased from site sponsor. I am I missing something?

I am open to any advice on a low growing fem/auto seed that is easy to grow.

Thanks in advance for any ideas/help...:peace2:
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