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Hey there guys, Im new to the forum and even though it is a very good information resource I just cant seem to find answers to a couple of my questions. I was thinking of using two 100 watt HPS lights for my first grow (8x4x8 grow area 18000 lumens) would this be alright and also what exactly do lumens affect? I was planning on using these lights for veg and flower is that ok, or if not could you give me another semi cost effective light to use.So far i really love the community and i would appreciate any help possible. Thanks :420: !!!

David Bowman

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That amount of light would effectively cover a 2x2 area and provide the minimum 50 watts/sq. ft. required for a good grow. To sufficiently cover the entire 8x4 grow area you would need a minimum of 1600 watts. Lumens are a measure of light output and the recommended minimums are 2000 lumens/sq. ft. for the vegetative phase and 3000 lumens/sq. ft. for the flowering phase of growth.
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