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Newbie needing help please: Aussie female needs help


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Remember to never enter your grow space until you’ve showered and changed clothing any time you’ve been around the male
No pressure lol... na i had fungas gnats! Like 2 of them from a bag of soil that id taken a bit out of but was then left open! Then i repoted with it 2 weeks later! Never again! Have not seen any sincengotmrid but ohhh lorrddyyy.. so now its complete wash n change lol...


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Gets me why 3 have flipped when no change in enviroment .. iv still got to repot into 30 ltr pots as needs larger so hope thats now ok


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Ohhhh i have added white shark? ... thats whats different.. i added white shark, 1 to plants soil i have repoted last week and in a feed for these ones... but would that be it to flip?


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Depends on what you’re making, usually I turn my trim into hash
I usually use the cabbage aka leaves n stalk and or what ever there is not to waste to make oil.. inthink you call it resin? I call it gold lol.. brew in down and extract with isopropyl ... i can get about 45 double o capsuals from a pound of cabbage stalk n shet.. toffee oil other than that well thats all i can do lol


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Any suggestions from you fab blokes on what my next steps should be?
Im about to add a 600 hps to tent as only half is full and id like to spread out, and temps are around 22-26 plus im going to add another extractor fan to help with heat and add an fan while i also use a small one i have to blow gentle on tne roots, one just over head and obe to move air higher.
U shall do my final repot into 30ltr pots tomorrow.
Now do i start training? Tie down laterials? Remove leaves ? Tip more?


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Sheeeeees back gidday lads hows life been treating ya?
Me nothing major, starting rocking motions watchn babies like a possessed mad woman!

Well we have been excelkent health, growing strong. Iv just flippyty flipped yeeha!

Been 1 week and yeah extremly healthy n awesome growth, will get pics soon..

but i wanna cry look what i have so far..

Tell me it aint so! Maybe hermie? As i see white pistols? Pestols? Ya know lol.. but am i seeing balls! Saggy ugly balls !

Yup i whooped off a small lat lol.. couldnt get a pic and well it wasnt going to do much under rest my poor poor... boy, girl hmm


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