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Newbie needs some advice


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I am starting a new 4x4 tent grow...I will be using the 600watt system for foliage and flowering....I have been given a G8LED 90 Watt LED All RED Flowering BOOST Grow Light.....will this small LED make any difference in my flowering along with my 600 watt HPS? Is this worth hooking up or is not worth the electricity and room to run it?


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I haven't been in this position, so everything will be theoretical...
The LED definitely wouldn't hurt. The power draw on an LED is pretty small as well, so for me it'd be worth a shot.

I'd hang it at a 45 degree angle above the plant near the HPS, or on one of the walls. As you turn the pot daily, the red LED should give you an extra little boost.

Or you can try an experiment, and only put the LED on one side of the plant, and see which side produces bigger buds.
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