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Hey all, i have a few questions. my friends room dimensions are 5'wx9'lx7'h. 12 pot ebb and flow w 55 gal res.White widow and Blue Ice grow. Rockwool on top of Higromite medium. He is planning on running 2 sunsystems superspectrum 1000 watt systems. each has a 600w hps and a 400 mh under one reflective hood thats not air cooled. You can run each bulb (MH,HPS)independently or run them both together simultaneously.
1: Is this enough lights for the room? veg 800 mh, flower 1200 hps or should i run a mix and if so which?
2: Where can i find air cooled reflectors for these lighting systems?
3: Anyone have nute recomendations.
4:Rooms about 315 cubic feet. What would you guys recomend for filters, fans and or ozone?

All help is GREATLY appreciated. This community is mind blowing. Refreshing to find such helpful, unselfish people.
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