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Newbie question


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Thanks for responding again Captain...

They posted in the gallery ok, but didn't seem to allow me to post them in my message after clicking the insert image graphic icon on the top of the message. I then read the Gallery instructions posted on this site as follows...

Resizing Photos

To start off, you need to make sure your pictures are the correct format.
Our gallery accepts jpg, jpeg, gif, png file formats.
Photo size must not exceed 1MB.

Any idea why they wouldn't post in my message?
I copied the http link as it stated and it added the IMG tags correctly, but no go.


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The Gallery instructions I don't think are up to date. When in the Reply box, on it's toolbox, is an icon that looks like a Camera. Click on that icon and a window should open showing your photo's in the gallery. Click on which photo you want and it should put the photo into your message.
Like this:

Hope that helps....
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