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Hi all, joined site not too long ago. Lotta great info. Getting the weekly news letter and reading as much as i can. Damn work gets in the way. Just put my first plant in the ground in 30 years. Things sure have changed (for the better). First plant indoors and first clone. Busy weeks. I have a question about the clone. Has anyone ever heard of San Fernando Valley OG?. The kid working the counter said he thought it was the most indica strain they had. I have a space issue and indica is more of a pain manager from what i understand. Just curious. Plant doing well. If i figure out how to post pix, I'll try. Nice talkin to Ya'all.


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Hi Johnniebud and welcome to :420: :welcome:

The newsletter is a great source for sure; glad to hear you are enjoying it. I looked up SFV OG and the strain info said it is a Sativa dominant hybrid with good pain management characteristics.

If you'd like some more tips on navigating and using the site try New Member Start Links which has everything you need to effectively use the site :)



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Thanx Pantagruel. Yea I wasn't very confident in the kids knowledge of the plant. Guess i'll keep topping it till flower time to try and keep it as short and bushy as i can My grow space is a 30"x 30" shower stall. i have a T5 4 bulb grow lite over it now and going to put some cfls around it this weekend. I'm growing in Happy Frog soil and using FloraNova nutes. Plants going crazy. Had to lower the PH. Got some great help from this site and looking forward to meeting more of ya and showing off my plant. Thanx again.


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Hi JBud, welcome - my primary reason for being here is to make meds for self and loved ones and raise awareness for the amazing healing properties of cannabis. I have links in my signature below for creating and dosing with CCO (Concentrated Cannabis Oil aka RSO). Help spread the awareness so that everyone can benefit from the best plant on earth. :peace:
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