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I am new at this, so I will be reading and watching mostly.
I have COPD and have read cannabis oil may be of some help.
I and not get it legally here in New Mexico as they will not give
me a medical card for it. Anyone having COPD and using it I
would be liking to hear from you. :thanks:


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Welcome to :420: you have come to the right place, the people here have a lot of experience and they are very diversified in many different skills of the cannabis world. :thumb:


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Welcome indeed! I am rather new myself, and you would not believe the help this site has been for me. Not only reading the very informative posts, but the people here... What a great bunch! Do not hesitate to ask as there is no such thing as a stupid question here. Once again, welcome and may God bless :thumb:

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You can buy and use hemp oil in New Mexico. Order at Amazon. It is legal in all 50 states. Does not show up in a pee test. It helps me with chronic pain.


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Welcome Osborne, glad you've found some info on what your looking for. This site is amazing that way, never short of things to read up on. Glad you've come to the forums to expand your knowledge on aiding your ailments.

KiG :green_heart:cheers
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