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Chris Scorpio

Member of the Month: July 2018
First time grow.
Have a grow tent, fan, filter...
Would appreciate any helpful tips.
I am retired, 61 years young
I'd say read...read...and read some more

There is a wealth if info on this site. Find a grow journal or two and read them
Read the how to sections on growing

The more Info you give us the more we can help

Good luck


Member of the Month: Dec 2017 - Nug of the Month: June 2018
Yep welcome aboard! Great to have you. A grow journal is a great resource for helpful advice as well as tracking the progress of your grow. I would HIGHLY recommend it [emoji16]

Well again welcome! [emoji172][emoji111]

Chris Scorpio

Member of the Month: July 2018
Ask and we shall help

Watch the heat
Air movement helps alot
Don't get lights to close
Less is more, don't over water
Love them everyday
Have fun
Always ask if your not sure
Start a journal so we can follow along and help

Good luck and welcome


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bop, young 60 here, but this is the place to be great people and great help all you have to do is ask be nice and grow great meds. but always be happy. You are going to have to have a plan. Be set up and ready to go. There is so much info out there you have to follow what you are doing with all the different choices of medians out there it can get confusing. I know I still am.

happy growing


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I appreciate all your help. I am 61 young.
Looks like the seedlings are beginning to show the second set of leaves.
Thank you.
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