Newbies 1st DWC Adventure - 4L & 8L Vanilla Kush Fem + Aussie Indica CFL Cab Grow


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Hey everyone,

Have tried a couple of soil grows with my last one being a shit fight the whole time battling bad soil and crap genetics. This time I've ordered some seeds with mate (the Vanilla Kush feminized) and built my own dwc bubble bucket. The plan is to have the Aussie indica (never heard of the strain type but got it from my mate whose grown them and say they're a killer indica) but yea the Aussie is going in the little 4 litre bucket and the vanilla kush will go into the 8L bucket.

I've already built the 4L bucket and have got the Aussie in a rockwool cube and has opened up and got its first tiny weed leaves. When the VK comes in a week or so I'll have the big bucket made. I'm using such small buckets because space is a real issue and I'm going to have to do some crazy LST or SCROG to keep them down.

The grow space is my shelves which ive taken the bottom half out of and lined it with panda film, I've got a sheet of panda cut so it like wraps over the front and is held in place with Velcro strips. I made a shelf out of thin ply wood and put my extractor fan through that.

I'm using General Hydroponics Flora series fertiliser (gro, bloom and micro) and have a probe meter that I can use to measure the Ph and temp of the res of each bucket. Just using some no name hydro brand ph up/down and I'll be aiming for 5.5-6.4.

As for lights I've got a 130W 6500K CFL and 2 desk lamps running 32W 6500K CFL's. I've got a 400W HPS kit but can't fit it in the little space I have - 80cm L x 30cm W x 80cm H (2.6ftx1ftx2.6ft) so I want to get a grow tent but moneys an issue so well see how it goes but for now it's just the CFl's.

Think that's all for now I'll post pics in the morning of everything set up.

peace happy grilling


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Heres an update with some pictures,

This is the front of the area, the black is the reverse side of the panda film which is wrapped over the shelves. The extractor fan is cut through the ply wood shelf and sucks a lot of air out. I dont have to worry about it being very stealthy as far as being a cab grow its just that I dont have much floor space in my room to have a tent or anything.


This is the 4L dwc bucket with the Aussie in it. Ive got the bottom half of a coke bottle sitting over the seedling just to increase humidity for it as its getting pretty cold the last few days. I have the extractor fan running for 10 minutes every 45 minutes to clear the hot air and get new air into the grow room which comes through a hole in the front right hand side. Ive also got a little 10cm fan blowing air inside continually.


As far as the bucket goes I just got a basic food-safe container, wrapped it with that cotton/fabric tape and then used some extra panda film to make a cover for the top. I think some light might still be able to get in so ill have to look at it when i change the res in a couple of days. im using a ceramic air stone that produces super fine bubbles that rolls the water heaps and gets it really white with bubbles. the bubbles splash a whole lot of water on to the bottom of the net pot too. Ive got a pretty small air pump at the moment and ill try and get a big twin outlet air pump so i can have both buckets running of the same air pump.

Tested the Ph today and it was a bit high at 6.9 so added some ph down and got it back to 5.8. Temps in the grow room are pretty up and down as the air heats up quickly and then cools down quickly when the fresh air is coming in... not much i can do except have the fan running at more intervals but w.e

I took more pictures but the photo uploader keeps rotating them in stupid directions so when i upload some more pics in a few days ill make sure theyre the right way around.

Thanks for reading. happy grilling


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Thanks pacmon. Yea the last grow just showed me some mistakes and what not to do so hopefully it works out better this time around.

DAY 4: little seedling is starting to look heaps more comfortable in his new home in the rock wool, I've taken it out of the humidity dome so now it can get fresh air and more light. PH at 5.8 so I just left it. Ill upload pictures on day 7 once there's more to look at.


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So how'd this Vanilla Kush end up? Any pics? I am getting ready to germinate 5 feminized vanilla kush seeds from Barnies in a DWC 5 gal buckets..any tips? Here is a pic of my 1st grow I'm only in 2nd week of flower


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Hey Damaja,
Fellow Aussie here bro! Your intended setup sounds pretty sweet mate.
Ive had a few drama s growing here, but the main concern is nosy neighbours so had to move grows indoor.
Anyways, hope this grow goes well for ya mate.. Have a good one. Smokemupm8..:thumb:

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How did this grow turn out?

We would love to be updated with some pictures and info! :blushsmile:

How about posting a 420 Strain Review?

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I am moving this to Abandoned Journals until we get updates.

Thanks and hope all is well in your world.

Love and respect from all of us here at 420 Magazine.
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