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Newby needs help identifing species and other advice

Green Kronic

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Hi guys!

This is my first grow and I need some advice. I am growing a white widow from seed. I am using a homemade aeroponics system and a 240 watt led 7-1-1. This is Eve, and she is the mother to all my future widows. She will be three weeks old tomorrow. I have looked at several pictures of three week old W.W. plants online, and they all have bigger, wider, greener leaves. Mine is only about 5 inches tall and has thin leaves. Mine is also super thick, so thick you cant see through the plant. Do I need to trim? I will be taking 4 clones in a week or so, that should help. I was worried that this might not be a white widow. It would really suck to use this as the mother and then find out it's not the real shit! The person I got the seed from is a good friend and very honest. My 240w led is about 12" above plant, could my it be too close? Does this look normal? I am using GH flora nutes. Any help/ tips/ advice would be appreciated. I can take constructive criticisim so let hear it! Thanks,


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Hello Green Kronic

It is really hard to tell for many reasons. The biggest reason is light. You are using LED. My plants under LED look vastly different from ones left under flourescent. So HID or outdoor would change the look again. The spectrum of the LED will also affect the leaf structure. Your plant looks really healthy ... I look forward to the frosty cone shots!!!


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unless you buy your seeds from a reputable seed distributor, its really hard to tell if its the real deal, like buck said, different lighting will affect how they grow.

another thing that affects it, is phenotype. you can plant 5 seeds, and all 5 can look different even though they are the same strain, just do to what phenotype it is.

its all about genetics.
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