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Newby needs help identifing species and other advice

Green Kronic

New Member
Hi guys!

This is my first grow and I need some advice. I am growing a white widow from seed. I am using a homemade aeroponics system and a 240 watt led 7-1-1. This is Eve, and she is the mother to all my future widows. She will be three weeks old tomorrow. I have looked at several pictures of three week old W.W. plants online, and they all have bigger, wider, greener leaves. Mine is only about 5 inches tall and has thin leaves. Mine is also super thick, so thick you cant see through the plant. Do I need to trim? I will be taking 4 clones in a week or so, that should help. I was worried that this might not be a white widow. It would really suck to use this as the mother and then find out it's not the real shit! The person I got the seed from is a good friend and very honest. My 240w led is about 12" above plant, could my it be too close? Does this look normal? I am using GH flora nutes. Any help/ tips/ advice would be appreciated. I can take constructive criticisim so let hear it! Thanks,

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