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Newport Beach To Take Legal Action Against Marijuana

Jim Finnel

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Newport Beach officials have decided to take legal action, and possibly shut down, three medical marijuana clinics for alleged city code violations.

Last week, according to Newport Beach spokeswoman Tara Finnigan and meeting minutes, the City Council authorized staff during a closed session to begin so-called nuisance abatement proceedings against three clinics:

West Coast Cure ( 2814 W. Newport Blvd. ), Nature's Alternative Solutions ( 3400 Irvine Ave., No. 117 ) and The Healing Tree ( 4120 Birch St. ).

The city's zoning code doesn't allow people to operate a facility that violates federal law, said City Atty. David Hunt.

"Nobody can engage in illegal practices," Hunt said. "It's in violation with the federal law, and we're just going to take that position."

West Coast Cure manager Jerett Wasserman said his store had yet to be notified about the city's action.

"They didn't even let us know," Wasserman said.

Wasserman said he hasn't yet heard any complaints from residents about the shop's presence in the area and has heard good things from neighbors. Wasserman said those neighbors felt the building housing West Coast Cure was a "party house" and a constant noise disturbance before his business set up shop in it.

Now because of regular store hours, the noise has decreased in the area, Wasserman said.

"No one is loitering outside. We do everything by the book," Wasserman said. "We're trying to abide by laws ... but we're not going to leave. We're here to fight for our patients."

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This war has so many fronts that want to fight the legal right for patients to have marijuana You have some old money in Newport and they have a lot of power. The way that airplanes land and take off out of John Wayne International Airport is to appease the old money in Newport. Anyone that has ever used that airport knows exactly what I mean.


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I can't believe real estate companies aren't lobbying with us to push the feds to abolish this crazy prohibition. I know many people ready to set up dispensary, but just sitting in limbo, because there are not many leasing companies and building owners that want to risk federal persecution for knowingly allowing a federally illegal business to operate...

All this while a good 20% of the existing business buildings, storefronts and offices remain vacant???? Aren't we in a financial crisis here in California, and we are denying legitimate business to operate, which essentially brings in hundreds of thousands of dollars in tax revenue every month!!! I think it is crazy all the money the government is losing out on by keeping this illegal status over our heads, when, we the people have voted and agreed upon its tolerance and legality!!!

I just read a report that Mendecino County brought in over 300,000 in fees for business licensees for grow ops...that's just one county!!!! Imagine what it is bringing in state wide???!!!

Imagine opening up "weed tourism" here in OC....fly in on buisiness...buy a 1 or 5 day license (like a fishing license) to legally use while here(medical or recreational)..... how much money could be brought in??? Tons!!! Just look at Amsterdam!!!

I know Newport Beach and its upscale, posh image and people...but damn...I've smoked with many of the very wealthy residents of newport!!! Rich old people smoke too...many with conditions that this medicine could address....I'm sure they don't feel like driving up from Balboa Penninsula in summer rush hour traffic to go get meds in Santa Ana....

Makes me think though....Hoag hospital is in Newport....could this be a hidden push by pharmaceutical companies to mainstream there manufactured poisons to us....

Captain Kronic

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The Gov hasn't figured out yet how to max the tax on the canna issues, once they do, it will go to big pharma, they are the ones who will pad congresses pockets.

The Gov doesn't give a popcorn fart about Cali or any other State, as far as they are concerned, we are idiots that need protection from ourselves.
And, I would have to agree in part... look at the swine we have given the power to. (case and point)

The only way the people have EVER gotten what they needed was through revolution!

I cannot support a Government that does not do what is right for it's people!

PS... Jim Behr... thanks for keeping us up to speed on these issues!
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