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Hello everyone.

I am new to the forums and am also a grower with minimal experience. I have started 3 grows over the last year and a half. No success with the first two, due to environmental conditions. My last was fair but, way short of what I expected. I had a grow room and was using knowledge from my last two experiences.

Now I am building a grow box. So far the box is coming along very good. it is a Sterilite plastic cabinet, 3' L x 2' W x 2' D. the growing area is approx. 6 cubic feet. I want to go Hydro, so I will have to do my home work. There are so many ways to Nute. I ordered a S&P TD Series Inline Fan. For 4 inch round duct - 101/97 cfm (high/low). I also have two small intake fans I mounted on the bottom back of the box. From my past experience, ventilation is paramount, especially for a grow box. Will this inline fan be sufficient? With such a small grow area, I figured this would be good. I can always add another fan. My question is this? When flowering, should the fans be blowing the same as when vegging?



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Hi, Nexus. Welcome to the forums! If we can't find answers for you here, we can't find them anywhere :;):

I think your planning sounds in-line (ha) with what I've seen and read. If the rating on your fan is 97 (min) cfm, and your grow space is 12ft³ (LWH = 3x2x2), we'd divide 97/12 to get ~8. This means your fan could exchange the air 8 times per minute, provided that the intake is adequate. Eight times a minute is more than enough - I've read exchanging 2-3 times a minute is sufficient.

I'm basing these calculations off information in these threads, which contain much more information than I have experiental knowledge (I just read a lot.)

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This link has just about everything you could ever want to know about MJ:

How to Grow Marijuana - Everything You Need to Know!

Have a great day! ;)
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