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NFT GT 100, slow growth and yellowing leaves


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Hello everyone.

I have this nft gt 100 system, and having some issues with it. Growth is slower than in soil and some leaves are yellowing and dying, have been vegging from clone almost two months now. The root growth is also very slow, although i have no earlier exeperience that how fast should they usually grow in nft. Water PH is 5,8, EC is 1,5 and temperature is 24c, i use lucas formula and diamond nectar for fertilising. Temperature in tent is 25c and have two fans circulating air, light is 600w high pressure with cooltube. Water pump is maxijet 1000, which i read that it could cause some problems with roots (drowning) at the beginning, i have the pump running 24/7. I would greatly appreciate any help, i like this hobby very much but this problem is driving me crazy in the coconut. Here`s some photos if they help.





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Add an air stone to your res it will help.

Water temp appears too high & it should be lower around 18c to 20c... look at cooling methods !
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