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does the niacin pill 500mg (flush free) gets the toxins out of ur system?

how many pills u take and how much water u drink with it...

and does this niacin actually works?
it does work.

from what I was told, I think 1000mg is what you take, and in a few hours I think, it'll flush you out.

not sure if it totally flushes you out, or if it is only for a limited time. but I do know it does work.
Just go to a head shop and ask em for a quick clense. I've used em many times for tests, and they do work. wish i could remember some of the brands i used, but the ones that claim to clean u out after an hour, and for an hour will work. Means after u drink it and drink like a gallon of water, u have to wait 1 hour, then ur clean for 1hour..after that it'll work its way back into all of ur system and ur once again CONTAMINATED lol. As far as the niacin...i have no idea. sry
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Niacin will not flush you out fer a piss test.

It will dilate all yer capillaries and turn you bright red, you'll itch and feel like yer skin is on fire.

Some folks like it, my parnets are health freaks and do it every day.

Others say it feels like death is imminent.

And it will not help you pass a piss test.

The only thing that will help you with a piss test is to move far away from the Nazi pigfucking control-freak assholes who are piss-testing you.
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your welcome! lol
those of you who are saying that niacin doesn't work is wrong.

I've had friends who have smoked the day before, and popped a few of those, and felt like hell for the rest of the day, but still passed. make sure you get the flush kind, and drink lots of water while you're on it.