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Niccy's Balcony Grow: 4 Different Autos


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I started a new outdoor grow for my balcony. The balcony is facing east unfortunately, so it'll only get sunlight in the afternoon. We'll see how it goes. Now when they're just seedlings I can put the plants on the rooftop for more sunlight, but I can't do that when they get bigger unless I want to risk having the Police over for a visit...

The strains are:
Gorilla Glue Auto
Royal Creamatic
Amnesia Auto
Critical Auto

I'm growing them in soil and in a week or so they'll be transplanted into 19 liter pots.
I'm using Advanced Nutrients, I just love not having to worry about pH



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Hahaha! Good idea!
I know it'll be hard to not bring the girls up on the roof terrace in the mornings when the sun is shining, so I'll probably do it. Maybe I can hide them a little bit somehow, but there are neighbours all around with pretty good views of my terrace.
They'll definitely be trained to be short. I don't want them to poke their heads over my balcony rail.


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I have now impatiently watched these girls do almost nothing for 2 weeks. This first part of the babies life, very little happen for my eyes to enjoy... I'm longing for the days to water them, so at least I can do something for them. Other than that, I just carry them around like little babies.
They still get to sleep indoors in a propagator sitting on a heat mat. When I wake up, I carry them up on the roof top to give them some morning rays, and around lunch time I take them down to my balcony where they enjoy the rest of the day. Unless it's raining, in which case they can come inside and stay in the propagator instead.
Luckily, we're having beautiful weather at the moment, and the sun is smiling happily most days. The wind can be a bit rough sometimes, but so far not too bad.

The Gorilla (blue pot) is growing best at the moment.
The Amnesia (yellow pot) is 2 days younger than the others, the first seed didn't germinate. She's 12 days, but has caught up nicely. They're all having their 4th node coming up now. Node 4 and node 3 will be the only nodes I'll keep later when I'll top them. They'll be quad lined when they have grown a few more nodes.



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I managed to burn my babies when transplanting. They got too much nutes and didn't like it at all. The leaves turned burnt, and no growing was happening. I've been on the rescue since then.
Now they seem to be recovering, so I hope they'll be fine. They've started to grow again, and the new growth look good.
The upside is, when I got disappointed about the nute burn I put a couple of white widow auto seeds in the cobatron, and they've sprouted and are on their merry way to happiness. I will be more careful when mixing nutes for them.



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I topped the other 3 plants today. Not sure it was a good idea ot not. It seems these plants will get small. Not much happening growth wise...


The royal cream is starting to show signs of flowering already. She'll be a bonzai I reckon...


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The ladies have been suffering through some rough weather for a week with heavy rains and no sunshine, but they've been coping alright. The gorilla is still the best growing of the 4 plants, and it's growing into a beautiful plant. The Amnesia is starting to look alright, too.

I've decided LST is too risky with the strong winds we have here, the plants would probably get ripped apart. So apart from topping they'll just grow and do their own thing for now.

Gorilla - grows perfectly into a round shape

Amnesia - starting to look alright

Critical - has had the tops damaged from very strong winds.

Royal Cream - starting to flower already. It's small...

The 2 White widows will be transplanted into 19 liter pots in 2 days.


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I've done some training with clips. Due to the strong winds we have here I can't tie the plants´ branches to the pot. It would rip the plants apart.

The gorilla is growing very well, much better than the other plants. It spreads it's branches beautifully with loads of nodes. No signs of flowering yet...

The amnesia is growing ok, and looks like she'll start flowering shortly.

Critical is pretty small. Some nice flowers are forming.

Critical - beginning of flowering

The royal cream is smallest of the 4 plants, and it is flowering.

Royal cream beginning of flowering

The 2 baby white widows. The one on the right looks great. The one on the left looks like it'll start flowering. It's just getting it's 5th node now. And I thought the royal cream was getting small... :rolleyes:


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I love the clips for LST. They spread the plants out really well I reckon.

Gorilla: This girl grows really well, she responds extremely well to the training. I'm looking forward to see her flower soon. She will get a bunch of colas...

Amnesia: Grows ok, but not as many nodes as the gorilla. Should start flower shortly...

Critical: started to flower early, and will not get very big but hopefully good...

Royal Cream: she has been topped, but she doesn't look it. This girl refused to break the apical dominance when she got topped. She chose one of the nodes, let that node be the new apical dominant, and realigned itself and kept on growing as if she never was topped at all. The other node from the topping became a side branch.
She also started to flower early. I do, however, believe she'll get massive buds. We'll see soon...


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I have done some super cropping to get better shapes on the ladies. Awesome shape on the gorilla, and the Amnesia is also ok.
From tomorrow they'll all be on the flower juice.



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