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Niccy's Critical Auto 1 Grow Journal: 2018


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This Critical Auto germinated on the 11th of July and has been flowering since the 22nd of August.
She was topped at node 3 on day 18, node 1 was removed, and training commenced shortly thereafter.

Critical Auto info: Hybrid (Sat/Ind) 40/60
Tent size: 60 x 75 x 208 cm
Light: KindLED K3, 230W
Substrate: coco
Pot size: 19 liters
Number of plants in tent: 1
Nutes: Advanced Nutrients usually at about 75% of recommended strength
Feeding: Every 3 hours during lights on

The pic of LST in progress is taken on day 25 of veg.
The other pics of the plant in flower is taken on day 11 and 12 of flowering.


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Day 19 of flowering.
This baby turned totally Sativa on me, and she's getting way too tall for my tent. We'll see how that goes...she'll flower longer as well.


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