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whats up guys? first, not sure its the right thread, so if it isnt, please tell me where to post.

So this is a funny story, I started growing my plant outside 2 months ago - 5 days, Now, i know its wrong since in my country the days get longer till mid augost. after repotting it and giving it 3 more litters (about a Galon more), 3 days later i See Hairs, how da fak is that possible? short days and plant was only 4 weeks old maybe 3.5. ????

anyway, I put her inside Under 250 Hps and a Fan spinning and bloweing 24/7.

i got a few Questions:
1) how da hell did it start to show sex after 26 + - days when days only get longer?
2) its not easy but i have meny 2 TONED leafes... WHAT THE HELL?
3) I started with BIOBIZZ when it started to flower, only 1 ML per litter and now i got manyyyy leafes yellowing.
4) seems like the hairs grow toooo slow... i wonder if i have root block? i mean, the plant is 20" by 20" by 20" inches.. not that big..
5) How much Yeild Dry do u think i may get from this lady? approx... ? she is the only one i got under the 250HPS.
6) I started pulling leaves slowely.. would u say i need to plick more?

Thank you do much for helping!! :]


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Hi spudush and welcome to :420: the number one resource for cannabis awareness working towards an end of cannabis prohibition worldwide :welcome:

You didn't mention anything about the strain or where you got the seed. Is it possible it is an auto?

I didnt say anything about the strain cause i have no clue. all i know by looking at it is that its x%indica and x% sativa. Might be auto.. but i asked so many question that any of u Pros can answer.. At leasr 3 or 4 :]


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spudush, :welcome: to :420:. We are glad that you are here. We are spreading the word about cannabis and hemp globally. It looks like you have a sativa auto growing. I can't see the variegation on the leaves. Would it be possible to take a picture without the HPS light on. I have never used biobizz before so I can't answer about that. It would help to see pictures under normal lighting and not HPS so I can see the yellowing. It always seems to grow to slow to make me happy. I wouldn't think that you would have root block. The plant is not that big for the pot it is in. Yield is very hard to judge until the harvest time and by what strain it is. But just guessing I would think probably about 50 - 60 grams if you grow it right. I would pick more leaves off. New Member Start Links is a good place to start looking for more information on growing among other things. Also the Frequently Asked Questions is a good place to look for answers or to ask questions. :peace:


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:welcome: spudush :high-five: Great job that could be from an auto bean? they flower despite what you do with the light schedule.

you are going to have some my-t fine bud in a month.

I see you have a good sense of humor, i like that! try this :48: & ,,

you chose the best site to learn, share and most importantly (to me),

laugh while sharing & learning from my 420 friends.

Feel free to drop by my indoor/outdoor journal aka "my yard" and say hello, ask anything you'd like, see a cool plant & hopefully,

share something with us, or share a comment. You will get a warm 420 welcome and I'm always happy to have a new visitor or

participator. The link is below, take a peek at "Fluxy Lady in full restraint", browse around, you'll see some

unique pics and informative shares, from new first time growers to some veteran, experienced growers, from all over the world.

This grow style you can see thru the link below, has produced many award winning plants here at 420.

Enjoy the 420 family we have here, you'll find no better site!:circle-of-love:


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Magnesium deficiency. Add cal/mag 1 tsp (5ml) per gallon. I think that is what the problems is. Thank you for the pictures so I could see. :thumb:

I use Botanicare Cal/Mag on my girls. But any is fine. :Namaste:

I dont want to be rude, but I think isnt good enough since its the 4thh
Week of flowering I cant take any risks..


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Welcome to 420.

I am happy to see the pot is full of soil.

I am wondering if you are using any other nutrients other then the biobuzz?

If it is an auto they are a little more sensitive to nutrients, have you tried a flush yet to correct any nutrient/PH issues?

I am a little confused, in your first post you say you started the plant outdoors 2 months and 5 days ago which would make it 66 days old, then a few lines later you say its 26 days old. Could you clarify please?

If it is 66+ days old, it is not likely to be an auto strain.

Are you using any other nutrients other then the biobuzz you mention?

Is it a soil grow or soil-less?

Every plant is different and the slow growing hairs may just be specific to the phenotype you have.

The 2 tone leaf you mention is that about the half of a blade going yellow and brown? If so it may be bleaching and then the normal dying process after being damaged, as it seems to be the higher side of the leaves that are the ones dying.

I do see some nutrient burn on some of the tips of older growth, but the new growth at the top looks healthy.

If you are still concerned, I would say to flush and start 1/2 strength nutrients on the next water then full strength the watering after that.


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HEY. :]
the plant Started outdoors and had to put it in. it strted to show sex after about 4 weeks maybe 3.5 weeks... Now its 58 days old.

No other nutes... it only got 1 time Nutes and it was only 1 Ml of flowring. Yesterday I Flushed.

dont know what a soil grow and less is.


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A soil grow is where the soil contains the nutrients the plant will use, and usually gets just ph balanced water.

A soil-less grow is where you use a product like peat-moss or coco coir and you have to add the nutrients with the water.

Just give the flush a few days to accomplish its purpose. See if anything changes.


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I learned a lot in my last grow from some very helpful people in this forum. And one of the most critical things I found was getting the grow medium right by using fresh water and at the proper ph level. But the real lesson was to go very lightly on the nutes. And by that i mean very lightly. Don 't. Use anywhere near what's recommended. I use only about 1/4 of the recommended dose and even then you'll still have problems getting the right balance.

As for your early flowering, I toojust exerienced this. The plants were outdoors getting about 10 - 12 hours of light and that amount was increasing with each day of spring. In only 4weeks I got pistils. They are inside now under 12/12. finishing. They are from seeds I produced from last years grow and as far as I know the parents were not autoflowering.
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