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Nick Grows GG4 Under BudgetLED


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Not my first time growing this strain, not my first grow under this light, but my first actual start to finish journal I'll be doing and trying to update at least once a week!

Now as for the grow, I will be doing a single FIM trained plant in my 4x4' tent from start to finish. I am growing in knock off super root air pots, under a 500w series 3+ from @Budget LED. My media is Canna coco block mixed with about 30% perlite that I rehydrated with R.O. water pH'd to 6.0 with Cal mag at 2ml/gal to pre charge the coco. I will be using MegaCrop from start to finish with only bud explosion added in starting mid flower. I keep my temps in veg around 74°F-78°F, RH around 40-55% and do not use any CO2.

The strain is GG4 from GG strains aka Gorilla Glue #4. I have grown it before several times and it's one of my top 3 favorites now. Great mellow high and has a great smooth smoke with a delicious pine-y taste to it on the exhale. I popped the seed in a rapid rooter on 3-27 and threw her straight into the air pot today.


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Up to 7gm/gal of MC and still seeing yellowing. Temp stays around 72-74, humidity is 45-52% and I'm pH'ing to 5.8-6.0.


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yes, it looks like K lockout to me because of too much MC. I suggest moving the other direction since already being over the max recommended isn't fixing the problem... check your assumptions, one of them is wrong.

I suggest watering one time at 5.5/gal and see what happens. If you are right, the deficiencies will peak and we will see some clear indications as to what the problem is. If I am right, she will start being able to get to the K and the greening back up will commence. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by trying the experiment.


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It didn't even occur to me to try going down in MC, I assumed since all the new growth was so pale green to almost yellow she needed more N or Fe, never even crossed my mind it could be K lockout :facepalm:
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