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Nicky's Indoor COB Grow: Green Gelato, Rainbows, Ayahuasca Purple


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I am starting a new indoor grow with 3 plants;
Green Gelato - Royal Queen Seeds,
Rainbows - BSF Seeds, and
Ayahuasca Purple - Barney's Farm.
They were all born yesterday, Green Gelato and Ayahuasca Purple starting a tad quicker, but Rainbows is coming along.

My setup is:
2'x4' (60 x 120 cm) Gorilla Tent
Exhaust fan and carbon filter
Climate control fan controller
Around 630 W COB led
19 l pots with coco
Advanced Nutrients
Automatic irrigation and automatic drainage of Drain To Waste water

Here are some pics of my setup:

The tent

The fan and carbon filter at the top of the tent. There is enough room between them to raise the light all the way up.

The light. It has 3 settings, and currently it's only using about a third of its leds with the seedlings.

Pots with irrigation lines that aren't in use yet. The seedlings are being hand watered for now.

Climate controller
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Those are great strains and growin in COCO is my preferred way to grow I'll be stttin back and watchin this one I just started a new grow as well and I will be starting a new journal soon I have a 600W COB set up that's DIY and grow in a 4'x 5' drip tray my old journal can be seen by clickin on my signature


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Cool, I'll check out your journal. You've got a bit of grow space I see - good. I hope I can have a bigger tent one day. 3 plants in my 2'x4' I find a bit too tight really. The plants can't bush out as much as I'd like.
I've never tried these strains before, but from reading about them I expect some good flavours ,and if lucky a bit of colours as well.


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Today the girls are 14 days old. Green Gelato and Ayahuasca Purple were big enough to get topped today. I topped them above the 4th node and removed the shoots at node 1 and 2. Rainbow isn't big enough for the chop just yet, but hopefully later in the day or tomorrow.

Green Gelato 14 days old before and efter being topped
GG 14 days before topping.jpg

GG 14 days after topping.jpg

GG 14 days.jpg

Ayahuasca Purple 14 days old before and after being topped.
AP 14 days before topping.jpg

AP 14 days after topping.jpg

AP 14 days.jpg.jpg

Rainbows 14 days old
R 14 days 2.jpg

R 14 days 1.jpg
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I got a bit too rough with the Green Gelato during training and one of the main branches snapped. It snapped almost right through but I taped it quickly. I believe she'll recover, but growth will most likely slow down on this branch and it'll yield less than the others - bummer!
GG 20 days snapped.jpg


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Today the girls are 3 weeks old. In a few days they will be ready for a second topping.

Green Gelato, she seems to recover well from the broken branch yesterday. I've added some Rhino Skin to the nute mix to help with the healing.
GG 20 days 2.jpg

R 21 days 2.jpg

Ayahuasca Purple
AP 21 days 2.jpg


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The girls have grown a few cm since last, they are now:
Rainbows: 14 cm
Green Gelato: 13 cm
Ayahuasca Purple: 10 cm

Green Gelato and Rainbows will be ready to get their second topping done tomorrow while Ayahuasca Purple probably have to wait an extra day.

Green Gelato
GG 23 days 1.jpg

GG 23 days 2.jpg

R 23 days 2.jpg

R 23 days 1.jpg

Ayahuasca Purple
AP 23 days 2.jpg

AP 23 days 1.jpg
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