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Welcome everyone. This journal we will be starting in different stages of flower with 2 strains and 5 strains still in veg.
I am growing in 2 4x4 gorilla grow tents for flower and a 2x4 closet that will be converted to a veg spot once the current veg plants flip to flower. Flowering tent #1 I am using a 525 watt (true wattage at the wall) of white cobb led's, 2 300W LEDs and 2 full spectrum 4' light bars for side lighting.
Tent #2 when flipped to flower will have a 750W full spectrum LED and a 600 watt full spectrum LED. For the veg closet, it will have a 2x2 T-5 HO (I know Duggan, but I had it before all your great info) and a 300W LED. Heat is exhausted out of the tents into a 13x13 room with a ductless AC, de-humidifier and a humidifier when needed.
Tent #1.
ACE Malawi from regular seed in the 5th week of flower. This is a 100% Sativa.
TGA Subcool Querkle x AC/DC from regular seed in the 3rd and 4th week of flower. These are testers, the goal is a 1:1 ratio HIGH of thc and cbd. I have 2 different phenotypes. Clones were taken of these and when the mothers are done flowering they will be tested and the winner lives on, the loser dies.
Tent #2 (Currently still my veg tent)
Curso's Lanikea, indica dominate hybrid phenotypes x2. These were clones, I've had them for about a month.
ACE Zamadelica from a fem seed 100% sativa hybrid 2 weeks old.
Barney's Farm Pineapple Chunk and LSD indica dominate hybrids 2 weeks old.
TGA tester clones x2 about 3 weeks since rooting.
Growing Medium:
Doc Bud's High Brix Blend.
Doc Bud's magic drenches and foliar sprays.
Pot Sizes:
Flowering is/will be done in either 10 or 15 gallon smart type pots.
Vegging is done in 1 gallon until root bound then either put into 10 gallon and flipped to flower or transplanted to 3 gallon smart pots until root bound then to the 15 and flipped.
OK here we go, flower tent #1

Querkle x AC/DC



Member of the Month: June 2018
I will update the veg tent a little later, not much to see there yet. As far as where the flowering tent stands, the Malawi got 3 CAT drenches in a row. She is in a 10 gallon pot, she got 3, 6ml doses of CAT with 1 ml tea. Tester 2, 15 gallon (in week 4) has had 2 CAT drenches at 12 ml and 1 ml tea. Tester 1 has had 1 CAT at 12 ml and 1 ml tea. The Malawi and tester 2 have had EWC and recharge. Tester 1 will get it mid week.

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Looks epic, Neiko.


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Lookin' good, Nieko! :thumb:

I especially like the training on that Querkle x AC/DC. :slide:


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Top of the mornin to ya Neiko! Have a great day my brotha! Got the boys all this week so time on the mag. is limited.

I was wondering where you went. :high-five:
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