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Night Queen in RDWC 2014 - My First RDWC


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Day 98 from seed.
Day 11 of flowering.

I've been trimming the girls bushes down below. I've also done some tucking of longer branches. It's not completed yet but here is a picture update. The girls are showing their first flowers.



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Day 105 from seed.
Day 18 of flowering.

Dopey, the plant on the left has a stalk over 2 inches thick.


Plenty of bud sites showing.


I'm happy with progress so far in my first RDWC and first Scrog.


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A bit of advice for anyone reading this who wants to do something similar.

Turn off the pump and let the buckets equalize before filling to your chosen water level. As you can see in this following picture I have a line drawn where my water level is at its maximum.


I can top up my reservoir to this level only when the pump is off. Once the pump goes back on, this water level will drop quite a lot(as seen in the above picture). If you tried filling the reservoir whilst the pump is on, you would end up putting too much water in and you know what will happen.
Your line in the bottom of your buckets are to small. 2" at least it will equlize your flow. I run 3"


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Your line in the bottom of your buckets are to small. 2" at least it will equlize your flow. I run 3"

I could not find a way to fix bigger tubing into the buckets so went with the 22mm as the tank adapters were all that was available. I originally wanted 40mm but could not find a connector that size.

Apart from the first couple of weeks where roots started growing down the tubes, I've had no problems at all with this setup and the flow is good enough for my needs. I think that if you run more buckets then bigger piping would be necessary.

outdoormaster, do you run more than 2 buckets + res? Are your buckets round or square and what volume are they?


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Day 156 from seed.
Day 69 of flowering.

These ladies are getting the chop tomorrow. They have flowered for 10 weeks against 8.5 weeks claimed by Dutch Passion. They are by far the stickiest and stinkiest flowers I have grown. Those disposable gloves are going to come in handy.


David Bowman

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Thanks for sharing your grow with us.

Please head over to the 420 Strain Reviews forum and post your smoke report there too.

I’m moving this to Completed Journals now.

Hope all is well in your world.

Love and respect from all of us here at 420 Magazine.



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Last post from me.

Here are a couple of roots pictures.


They were just like big sponges when feeling them.

Thanks for the heads up of this journal, mirrors mine in many ways so should come in handy for me :thumb:
you think bigger buckets next run would be better, maybe you would of pulled more weight (never a bad thing)
ive read both your journals tonight, tomorrow ill start your current one :goodjob:
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