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Nimbin Man Brings Marijuana To Court

Jim Finnel

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A diasbled pensioner who allegedly tried to take a marijuana plant into a Brisbane courthouse to use as evidence in his drugs case has accused authorities of denying him natural justice.

Peter Till, 39, of Nimbin on the far north coast of New South Wales, was charged after putting the 90cm-tall plant through an x-ray machine at the entrance to the Brisbane Magistrates Court on January 8.

Security staff seized the plant, which was seen poking out of the top of a stock feed bag, before calling police.

Till was taken into custody and charged with the unlawful possession a dangerous drug.

At his trial this morning, Till, who has pleaded not guilty and is representing himself, argued he had simply exercised his legal right to defend himself by bringing the cannabis to court as evidence in an unrelated matter.

"I'm entitled to natural justice as far as I know," Till said.

"Like the police ... I'm allowed to bring my evidence.

"I have a legal right to tell the judiciary they are wrong."

In a passionate submission to the court, a dreadlocked and barefoot Till also accused police of lying and being heavy handed in their decision to lock him in the Brisbane Watchhouse following his arrest.

"I stand out a bit. That's why I get discriminated against."

He is expected to argue later today that he uses the drug for pain relief and medicinal purposes.

The hearing continues.

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Source: Brisbane Times
Author: Christine Kellett
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Copyright: 2007. Brisbane Times
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Barefoot? In a courthouse, sometimes you have to play the game to get your story heard, but cautiously without freaking all the prudes out.
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