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Ninobrown's Kandy - Master Kush - 1000 Watt Grow - Rock Nutrients


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What's going on :420: this is my first grow journal. I've followed many journals on this site over the years from Doc bud to more recently Light addict (love your techniques bro) and many others so I decided why not try my own. All advice is not only welcomed but highly appreciated as I know there is a infinite amount of knowledge in this community. Now onto the grow..

The grow space is a 4x4 tent, at the moment I have successfully germed one Reserve Privada Kandy Kush and a new release for Humboldt seeds Master Kush. They are about a week strong no problems , I'm using sunshine mix#4 for medium this is a first for me I usually use FF with a couple extra things but I decided to try soiless. I'm vegging under an 8 bulb badboy T5 but will be flowing under a 1000 watt bulb, I'm looking for a solid bulb and ballast if they're are any recommendations out there it's looking like Solis tek for the ballast at least. The ladies are in 5 gallon pots the MK is in an air pot the Kandy is in a root pouch they're supposed to do the same job so let's see which does it better lol I will be popping 2-3 more strains in the next week's I'll put up a list if ya wanna recommend which u think should go

For nutrients I'll also be using a new product Rock Nutrients before this I was using blue planet shout out to 420 for putting me on to that great line!! But with time comes new things and I really wanted this grow to be a fresh start and I've heard nothing but good stuff so why not I say I grabbed a rock box starter kit. I've had a couple problems my last couple grows nothing yields wise but more on the taste and potency side. I pulled 3.25oz per plant under my badboys so I'm definitely looking to pull 5oz+ under the 1000 watt .I'm hoping hps will push my buds over the top.

Lol they're are alot of firsts for this grow lights, medium, nutrients but I know with this communities help that this will be a cake walk so pull up your chairs ladies and gents if I left any details out let me know I'll be putting up pics once I find out how to lol


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Here is a pic of the gorgeous ladies as of this morning

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I've read about SunMaster HPS bulbs ;and Lumatek or Apollo Dimmable Ballasts. With these ballasts you can have different light output which can come handy if you need MH (metal-halide) for vegging, but not with full potency, that might harm the seedlings/young ladies.
By the way, the have the SUPER LUMENS mod, that will add output, but be careful as they might lower you bulb's lifetime.

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