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Nirvana seeds?


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How much bud can potentially be produced from the 10 seed packs? I'm looking at growing Top 44, has anybody else, if so how did you like it?


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That my friend is entirely up to the grower! Climate, lights, soil/nutes, and genetics make up for a big part of your overall yield but the grower's skill/patience is what really makes for a superb crop, in my opinion.

Each seed pack contains 10 seeds but not necessarily 10 females! So every pack contains a different possible yield.

Grown indoors - at least 1 oz per female plant if grown in the proper conditions

Grown Outdoors - I would imagine you could pull off at least 2 oz's per female plant.

How would you be growing the seeds, indoors or outdoors?


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Your best bet is to look at the reviews from Nirvana/the Seed bank/house
then see if there are some grow journals here for that strain

(may have to dump that in a txt file for use again (smrk))

there we go, 420 file right
there with my Rangers Quote:
There is no "silver bullet" to achieve big buds.
You need to optimize your growing environment--exellent medium, carefully monitored ppm (you'll need a meter), constantly correct pH, 6,200 or more lumens per sq/ft, the best nutrients (no miracle grow!), ventilation and of course keep the grow area pest-free.
It usually takes a number of grows before you learn to get things down pat.
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SG4 is right, I grew Nirvan's White Rhino, of the 2 females I've grown so far one was the indica pheno and one was the sativa pheno. Now, IMO, there is no comparison, the indica pheno destroys the sativa by far. You wouldn't think the buds were from the same seeds if you put em side by side. Big difference in bag appeal and potency, IMO. BUT, if you do manage to find a good pheno you can take adavantage of cloning and keep it going instead of having to play that gambling game everytime. IMO, Nirvana seeds are great for beginners and while the experienced grower may find it frustrating trying to get that golden pheno it gives them a chance to master that strain and increase their knowledge of cannabis furthermore in a sense I guess. Just my take. Thanks
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