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Nirvana - White Rhino Indoor + Bagseed


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Took me a while to go through this journal but it was worth it.
Interesting read and nice plants with a truely classic look.
Thank you Beensmokin420, here is a rep point.


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Time for the pics.....

Here is the lil lady after we trimmed all the big leaves n what not off her...


The lower buds...


The top cola


A lil size comparison shot....


And all the buds together on a nice bud platter! 238 Wet Grams of happiness!


As always.... ENJOY! :3:
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Excellence!! Thanks for sharing. Pure mota-vation!


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Glad to hear all the positive responses! Makes me feel like "I dun good" heh!

Can't wait to smoke some!!!

The Sativa is takin FFFFOOORRREEEVVVEEERRRRRRR and I think I may have flushed her to early =(

Anyone think I could let her go 2 more weeks and feed her a 1/2 strength dose of Tiger bloom now then flush her with 1 week left?


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Thats around 50 plus grams dry weight I believe. 3 fourths is normally water.
2 ounce plants is good for indoor cultivation. Plus the bag appeal should be gorgous once dried. You normally trim while still wet and fresh?


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Got a macro shot! Borrowed a cam w/ a macro setting on it... This is after 2 days of drying so they haven't quite shaped up and took their true form in the pic.... They are noticably harder today after 3 days of drying.


Also, I weighed the top cola/biggest bud when wet and it weighed 38g's. Last night (after 2 days of drying) it weighed 16.5g's so it looks like she alone might end up weighing around a half oz, hopefully.


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Nice bud, lot of resin on it. Hows the high and taste?


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Waiting for it to finish drying and then on to the cure for a week or so b/f I smoke it. I've smoke some samples and they were pretty good, the tase/smell are very similar but I won't judge the high yet b/c its nowhere near ready but so far its gets me nice n high off a few good bing rips.


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Its not a problem, just wanted to know your preference.
I trim dry because of the amounts I have to trim but sometimes I get a few trimmed when they are still wet.


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Hey beensmokin, great job man!

Did you harvest the sativa pheno yet?
I also had that slow growing pheno, too. Cut her down at like 68-70 days.
However, after 30 days curing, its my favorite smoke out of the bunch. Great wake'N'bake.
(It also yielded the most for me @ 78 grams dried)
Lookin forward to your smoke report..!


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Nope the sativa is at day 59 today. She is finally starting to put the trichs on. Hopefully another week or so, we'll see. She smells almost like sour-sweet pixie-stix, imo, when I open up here cola and take a wiff. She is alot fatter than the indica overall so she should yield a nice lil batch! Thanks for the intrest! I'll be posting the indica report after some buds get a good cure so I can judge all aspects of it (teste, smell, smoke, high, weight, bagappeal....).
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