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Nirvana - White Rhino Indoor + Bagseed


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Day 35 Pics
Some side buds off WR3 you can really see trichromes in this one


Here are both the plants at day 35


Day 36 (Week 5) Pics
Budsites on 2 & 3


A nice closeup of WR3


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Nice Journal !...... Good job ! ....:allgood:....:smokin3:


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I don't have any filters, my set-up is as basic and simple as you can get, but it works:3:

As for the smell, my grow room is in a closet which is located in a spare bedroom. I leave the grow room open all day as well as the spare bedroom door when the grow light is on, so the smell when the doors are open isn't too bad, I can barely smell the plants about 8ft from the room but they dont stink of reefer, its a diff smell, kinda a veggie sweet smell. But when I have someone over I close the spare room door but leave the grow room door open. The smell is pretty much contained inside that spare room when its door is closed. I have asked my sis if it smelled when she walked in and she said not really, its not a pot smell. Now when I stick my nose up to the buds and kinda open em up a bit they stink like rotten fruit or something similar, its a very strong and good smell.

So to answer your ?, no my house really doesn't stink to bad, so far. I do have a harder time noticing the smell simply b/c I am around it ALL day but I notice the smell most when I walk in the grow room and open up the closet right b/f the lights come on, obviously.

Aunty G

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Expect a potential smell 'problem' by the time you harvest them, mine really stunk when i was manicuring them, i mean a really pungent overpowering smell.. not very pleasant

Bsmoke i replied to your PM not sure if it went thru tho?? Did you get it? ..I'm pretty stoned at the moment

Top notch girls you got there.. great grow!

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I hope they stink up the whole block! oh... And not get caught too, lol. Nah my neighbors mind there own and i've smelled bud burnin down the street a couple times so I think its cool, my lil hood is very quiet and the police never ride through, thankfully. I guess we are known to be the uh "quiet crowd" to the fuzz. I'm also not in an apartment building if thats what you meant by neighbors, all the units are stand alone in my hood on decent sized lots so its not like someone is right on the other side of the wall, LOL.


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you can't apologize after you have brought me this much entertainment!!
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