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Nirvana's Blackberry - Strain Review

Lester Freeman

Product Reviewer
sativa Blackberry

Strain lineage? Black Domina x Raspberry Cough (sativa dominant)

From? Our sponsor, Herbies Headshop

Type? Contrary to what most people think of when they hear Blackberry (the kush version that is more indica), this strain is a highly exotic sativa dominant hybrid

Appearance? Has potential to turn purple when exposed to colder conditions for prolonged periods, contains a high calyx to leaf ratio

Smell? During flower, the terpene profile equates to the essence of fruit, specifically a raspberry fruit that has undertones of black pepper. No skunk at all!

Taste? Subtle & passive flavors form a complex raspberry pepper flavor that epitomizes the traits of an exotic sativa

Type of Buzz? Highly Euphoric with Cerebral numbness. Racing thoughts about the Universe in a highly euphoric and positive light. Highly recommended for people suffering from depression. This strain may change your life. See the world in a new light.

Length of Buzz? 30-45 minutes of peak high followed by peaceful diminishment and re-establishment of clear headedness & spirit, as this strain seems to provide high CBD traits that are conducive towards neuromodulation, memory, and thinking. Perfect for the morning time, allows you to function throughout the day without avid couchlock (harvest dependent)

Best Medicinal Use? Works excellent as an alternative treatment for depression and anxiety, stimulates appetite. Provides a new insight on life in a way that other strains cannot

Overall opinion? Now that I've been growing this strain for over 3 years, I have been able to cultivate through several different phenotypes each with different specificity for bud structure and terpene profiling. Each time we have "the essence of fruit", one phenotype was extra sour (which I would consider the sought after phenotype), one was pure raspberry with no spice, and one had the raspberry spice flavor. These flavors are subtle and passive, and I would recommend that this strain be consumed not too long after harvest. Only a minimal cure is required, in order to salvage the delicate and subtle terpenes which may evaporate easier than other strains (such a skunk). If you're looking to grow an extremely fruity strain to help treat depression, then this is your strain.

Growers notes? This strain grows big plants with filled out & large colas. It is clearly a strain that needs to be grown outdoors & organically under the Sun, for the proper sativa traits that provide avid euphoria to really build up. Although, it grows big plants, growing this strain to perfection is quite challenging, possibly more suited for the experienced/advanced gardener. After growing this strain for a few years, I've only had a few batches that came out exactly right. Flowering times are relatively long in order to finish complete ripening, up to 11 weeks of bloom if flowered naturally, down to about 8-9 if force flowered.

Photo of sativa Blackberry in vegetation?

Photos of sativa Blackberry in bloom?

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Overall I was very pleased with this strain, although I never got it to achieve the "pure 100% purple" of the buds, it was still a very good strain overall am very happy that I was able to experience it, and several different phenotypes throughout the years. :Namaste:

Thanks for reading! :thanks:


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nice plant. i popped just one of the five fem seeds. i have a habit of that. here is a pic of mine, taken just a few days ago, of one at seven weeks in bloom.


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currently, i am awaiting three fem seeds of dutch passions (via herbies) "orange hill speicial". otherwise, since i ran this one out, i may just pop seed number two, of the fem blackberry, and see if i get a different pheno. anyone know how many phenos, this one has? or, if fem seeds, have the same number of phenos, as regs? i would think this would be the same......one thing, i really liked about this, that i agree on, is it was a easy one to trim. just nip-nip-nip done.
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