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Nirvana's Papaya Kush Indoor Scrog - 2009


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Hey everybody I am an experienced grower but this is my first grow journal. I chose Nirvana's Papaya Kush strain which are 100% feminized. Here are the seeds specs.

Papaya is a fast growing, disease resistant, and usually early maturing strain. This heavy, greasy indica stays short and dense, making it very suitable for Sea of Green

gardens. Papaya has an exotic tropical aroma that's also reminiscent of whiskey pipe tobacco. The buzz from our Papaya is relaxing, lethargic, and almost narcotic.

Breeder: Nirvana Ltd.
Height: short
Effect: Stoned - relaxing
Regular/Female: feminised
Indoor/Outdoor: indoor
THC Content: strong; 15 to 24%
Flowering Weeks: 8 or fewer weeks
Yield (S.O.G.): 450 to 550g in dried grams per square meter (about 9 plants)
Difficulty: moderate

Grow Space
I am growing in a lockable metal cabinet 3'x 42"x 18". The entire cabinet is lined with reflective insulation.

My lighting consists of a 150 watt compact fluoresent bulb for vegitation and a cooled 400 watt hps bulb with a magnetic ballast for flowering.

Air circulation
I am running three 4" inline duct fans. One is hooked up to the hps's cooltube one pulls air in and blows across the plant tops, and the last pulls air out of the cabinet

through an odor sock.

I am using advanced nutrients sensi grow a and b and sensi bloom a and b. I follow a strict feeding chart that I found online and have been using with a lot of success.

I decided to go with soil this time around and am using Fox farms ocean forest. I just checked the Ph and it is right at 6.5 . I started the seeds in

3" pots and will only be transplanting them once into 3 gallon pots.

Training Method
I have had a huge success with the scrog method and plan on using it again. Ill have to post a pic of my screen setup because i dont know how I would explain it.

The cabinet runs a little hot at 80-85 degrees with a humidity right in the target range of 40-50%

I check the soil routinely with a moisture meter I picked up at home depot and water my girls accordingly.


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Alright now that we got my setup out of the way I am currently in day 10 of vegetation.

Originally I germinated eight seeds planted the best looking 5 and only 4 sprouted. Three of the four are healthy and the fourth is coming along very slowly.

I am in the process of building a veg box but for now i have my main grow cabinet rigged up for veg so excuse how sloppy things might look now.

I am waiting on my girlfriend to get home to take some pics.


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Just a picture of my nutes, soil, veg light, and odor sok

Here is a picture of my removable scrog setup

Here we have my grow cabinet. It looks a little messy now because its set up as a vegetation cabinet while i"m building a separate veg box but will look much better without the extra light shelf and ducting. Btw above the veg light is a hps bulb in a diy cool-tube.

Day ten of veg - this is the second day i have had them under the flouro before they where under the san agro hps bulb


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Hey Mellow :)
Will follow this since our grows are allmost identical, with the exeption that you have an HPS, I sold mine some months ago, due to heat problems. Anyway, will follow your grow and I wish you and your babies luck!


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Yeah absolutely I Have a Ph monitor and its been reading right at 6.5.

I am new to soil and have debating when to start my nutrient cycle. I know I have read literature that says two to three weeks. Any advice for you experienced soil growers?


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good luck Mellowman,
I can see you are nicely prepped.. I want to follow your grow too..>o


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Looking good! and WOW thats a very nice growing cabinet! i will stay posted! very interesting!
Thanks man I put lot of work into it.:thanks:

Looking good mellowman164:ganjamon:

I would start feeding now every other watering. You can get better lower branch development by feeding soon.;)

Thanks for the advice I will start feeding them next watering... Cant wait to see them take off!:peace:


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The moisture meter read 1.2 out of 4 this morning so I watered them with 2.5 cups waqter and added sensi grow A and B as recommended by pan. I cant wait to see my girls take off. Oh yeah and I am starting with nutes at recommended values.

Day 14


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Looking really nice there Mellow, its really amazing how fast the papaya grows. Keep it up man
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