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Nismo & Canna's Epic Quest For The Hookah Smoking Caterpillar

Amy Gardner

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Nismo & Canna's Epic Quest For The Hookah Smoking Caterpillar

If anyone has figured out the best way to get consistent results dosing in conjunction eating prior to, please share.

SweetSue has! There are, she has discovered through research and experimentation, numerous ways you can help or hinder absorption by what you eat around dosing. I don't tolerate edibles really so don't remember what Sue has laid out in the past. But I know there are things you can eat beforehand that will make it come on quicker and harder.... Also the opposite, some things will hinder...

Ask SweetSue! [emoji1][emoji1360]


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Mango increases the effects of cannabis because it clears the receptors in advance of the dose (shoot for 30-45 min prior). This means more THC molecules can activate more receptors. The myrcene in Mango also enhances bioavailability by helping cannabinoids pass through the BBB faster, although cannabinoids have a special pass through the blood/brain barrier.

Taking a consistent dose with the same contents in the stomach will make the process of determining an optimal therapeutic dose much easier to navigate. Try taking a tablespoon of coconut oil 15 minutes before your capsule. This puts some fat into the stomach and the digestive process goes more smoothly. It's recommended you always have some fatty food in the stomach and that you drink lots of water. Cannabinoid therapies require lots of water.

It matters when you eat. The kind of fat will matter too. Eat chicken breast and you'll get a milder buzz than eating dark chicken meat. The higher the fat content the harder it's going to hit your system. This goes for meals eaten after the dose as well. Remember, when you eat in relation to your dose matters.

Your best approach is to keep a methodical journal. Keep track for a while of what you're eating around the dosing times and how it effects you. Patterns can't emerge until you offer your focus. Cannabinoid therapies are trial and error. It can be frustrating, but with time and some attention you'll find what works for you. Everyone has an individual expression of cannabis, but the basics apply. Start low and slowly increase the dose until you find your sweet spot. Be alert of how your diet effects the cannabis dose.

There are other ways to increase bioavailability that Cajun covers in his first few posts on the cancer regimen thread.

You'll get there Van. It just takes time to dial it in. :5:


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Hoping all is well.

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Saw canna post over in Sues cob thread. Sounds like your both doing well! Hope to see an update of your garden soon.

Yeah we would!!! Show us the goods!!

Van Stank

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Hey...... I think we miss you. :5::5:


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Hello everyone! Sorry for the lack of posts as of late, we have been busy and I have been anti-social for the last couple months.:nomo:

The plants that we started in the beginning of this journal are still growing, for the most part. The Northern Lights autos are about to finish up, the indica dominants maybe have a week left and the sativa dom have 10-14 left....depending on when they decide to stop throwing pistils lol.

As for the photo period plants, they are doing fantastic. In the beginning they were having issues but after transplanting the chosen ones to their final pots, they came out if and they took off.

We kept two of each strain we had going:
2 - Black Indica
- Super Iced Grapefruit
- HSO Black Dog
- Jedi Glue (only planted 2 regular seeds and they both turned out to be female. If conditions play a dominant role in determining the sex of regular seeds, we may have found it.)

We took multiple clones of each strain and we have 100% rooting rate and have about 30 clones too many, so there is that. We plan to take the chosen 4 clones and put them in the troughs like he had last summer and grow them in a giant scrog again. We are only going to use one of throughs since it will be easier for us to manage. The lights were flipped to 12/12 on 4/20...we had to right?

As for the current conditions:

Amare SE450 is currently in use for the 5 NL autos
16 Vero 29s are covering the 7 photo plants. Total of 600 watts

During veg it was 77 degrees 57-62% RH with 1500 ppm co2. Now that we have flipped to the flowering cycle it is currently sitting at 82 degrees and 50-55% humidity and a 1500 ppm set point for the co2 (tends to float up to 1600 and since the controller is on the other side of the room. The generator runs 3 times an hour for 4 minutes each time, so heat output is low.)

I would say we are pretty well caught up, wouldn't you?:51: I will take some pictures and get them up shortly.

Take it easy friends. :48:
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