Nismo's First Grow - 2 x 600 Watt - CKS Purple Kush - 4x4

Hello all!

I'm excited to be here and doing this grow! I've done loads of reading so I feel I have a good understanding of whats going on, just need the experience and help from you guys!

Grow area - 4x2x5 tent inside a 8x10 closet
Light - 600 watt MH dimmable for veg and 600 watt HPS for flower
Soil - For the bag seeds I used some of my compost, soil, and peat moss. Then for the 2 purple kush fem I used FFOF soil.

Strains - 6 bag seeds (not going to take all of them all the way for lack of room, but just wanted to see the odds of them starting on my first grow)

2 Puprple Kush feminized seeds from Crop King

I germinated the 6 bag seeds on 1/16/16 and planted them 1/20/16. They sprouted on 1/22/16.
The PK came and germinated on 1/25/16 and planted on 1/27/16. They sprouted on 1/29/16.

I have a 6" ipower carbon filter and inline fan setup for air extraction.

Room temps are right around 70f but my tent temps depending on where I put my gauge varies. right around 82 they stay.

RH on the other hand is low. Right around 20%. I can get it to go up to about 35% with a humidifier in the closet. So I need some help with that.

I have an air cooled hood coming to me on Monday, but I honestly do not think that I have the room for it with the fan and carbon filter taking up a bunch of prime real estate. Other ideas would be appreciated.

I currently have my light 20" from the little ones, from what I read that's a good place to start.

I don't know what setting to have my light on. To get me at the magic number of 50 watt per square foot would be should if have my light at 75% so 450 watt?

Any and all advice or questions I'm open for. I am new at this and want to know as much as I can and possible. I want to FIM or do topping but I can't decide which is best. I think ill do some one way and some another to test outcomes.

re: 600 Watt MH - 4x2x5 Tent - Soil - Bag Seeds & Purple Kush Fem - 1st Grow

Heyy Nismo!! Welcome to the :420: grow room! Ya look like you are off to a good start. Great set up, well researched, thought out and organized. :thumb: Diggin the Crop King beans chosen, them PKs make pretty plants. So onto kickin this grow off.. First of all congrats on the successful germination! Just a lil food for thought. Ive read alot that the FFOF uncut is a little hot for starting off most seedlings. Ya might experience some nute burn early on. Lighting.. Good size for the tent. If you have a digital ballast im thinkin early on, for the first week or 2 250-300 watts should suffice. Once ya get more foliage goin ya can pump up the wattage. Humidity.. If ya got another tray like the ones ya have your cups on kickin around set that thing up somewhere in the tent with a small folded wet towel in it. Itll give off some extra moisture in the environment. You are well in the right direction tho man! Keep up the good work! Look forward to seein them bad chickens grow! Any questions, feel free to ask. Everybody on here would be more than willing to assist. :high-five:
re: 600 Watt MH - 4x2x5 Tent - Soil - Bag Seeds & Purple Kush Fem - 1st Grow

Cant wait for these things to grow, but the fan was bigger than expected and takes up a lot of space up top. Can let them get too tall, short and bushy it is. Haven't really looked into LST but I guess it makes them shorter and bushy? May have to look into that
re: 600 Watt MH - 4x2x5 Tent - Soil - Bag Seeds & Purple Kush Fem - 1st Grow

Except for early veg, I would run the light at the highest setting I can while maintaining 80 degrees. That's what I would use to determine the setting to run the ballast on.
Temps are a bit low and the seedlings look like they have stretched from too little light.

the lights literally just came on so that was the overnight low. Current temp is at 82F. I started with a LED just to see if they would start to grow, then they stretched with that light. Now that I have my 600 watt MH I can't have it as close. I turned the light down to 75% so 450 watts. Controls temp better and I didn't want to bombard them with such a strong light at first. Maybe they were just craving a little light since now that I look at them they perked up some. But they do have a little yellowing on the leaves. I don't know if I'm just over analyzing them or them have an issue. I have given them water twice and that is it. Back to doing some searching and reading...
hey Nis. Do you have any small holes popped in the bottom edges of them cups bud? If not do so. Ya dont want stagnant water sittin in there. Kinda want a wet and whisk goin on. The soil needs to dry up a bit in between waterings. Get a little aeration goin on and them plants will thank ya. :thumb:
hey Nis. Do you have any small holes popped in the bottom edges of them cups bud? If not do so. Ya dont want stagnant water sittin in there. Kinda want a wet and whisk goin on. The soil needs to dry up a bit in between waterings. Get a little aeration goin on and them plants will thank ya. :thumb:

I did have holes in the bottom. When I watered yesterday I poured enough for some to come out the bottom so drainage is working good.

And of course my Air cooled hood came today! I don't think I am going to use it quite yet. I am hoping to get another tent so I can have one VEG and one Flower. Already have the HPS 600 that could go in there....hmmm now I am thinking! But thanks Amazon Prime for delivering on Sundays! Also got a green LED headlamp so I can look at my girls when they are sleeping.
Hey nismo12 welcome to :420: Glad to meet you. Your set up looks real nice and clean cut. I just started my first grow as well. In the morning a little after the light came on my girl was droopy as well, however she usually perks up after a few hours. Thats the appollo tent you have right? Well im going to pull up a chair and watch if you dont mind. Tons and tons of wise ones here who are more than willing to help so you decided on the right place!!
Yeah it is an Apollo tent. Basically my entire setup is. Just trying to get something going. Not trying to spend a ton of money right now before I find out if I have the green thumb lol. The light has been on 8 hours and they are happy as can be. But I am a little worried about the slight yellowing on the leaves. I have been around to see what it could be. Ideas?
Alright guys and gals, i watered them on saturday and havent done anything with them since then. Temps have been 82 with lights on and 40-50 RH. With lights off, 72 for the low and i think i saw 80rh high. A couple of these girls are looking rough in my opinion. My PK look great but i dont know about some of the others. A little help would be great



The whole group

Let me know what you guys think. My light is at 75% so 450 watt and 18" away

Water again when the soil is completly dry...PH our water at 6,5...the yellowing came from the roots that dont get enough oxygen so the lock their nutes...let them dry and keep your ph at 6,5
I'm guessing over watering bro. Sub'd and tagging along. I had the same issue with over watering in solo cups. Radogast may stop by he's been real helpful to me and advised to start in half gallons containers instead. I am also kind of limited with room so I put my carbon filter on the floor, fan right on top of that to ducting sucking air out of the tent into the filter. Maybe loosen up some space for ya. On the other side it's noisier on the floor. I just started a journal as well and am new to growing.
So am i just looking at an unhappy plant for the time being and hope she bounces back or is she a lost cause? Thats part of the reason i planted so many. Not all of them will make the cut. I just wanted to learn. I plan on doing LST on some of them, FIM some, and Top some. See what works best for me. I dont want to be partial to one technique since im new at this. Im going at it with a scientific approach.

Does anybody else wander into their grow room all the time to see if they have grown any? Everytime i am near them i have to take a peak inside lol.

Happy groundhogs day everyone, he didnt see his shadow so spring is on its way. But we have had a very mild winter compared to the last few years.
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