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Nitrogen deficiency 1st grow

Midnight toke

New Member
Hi guys, please can someone take a look at my pics and let me know if my plants are suffering from a nitrogen deficiency problem. It's my first grow and the pics are from my 6th week in veg, I'm going into my 7th now. My medium is canna coco professional and all my nutes are canna.

Any advice is welcome!!

Midnight toke

New Member
Hi Midnight toke :ciao: Welcome to :420:

I think your lights are too far away.

What is the pH of your water?

Can we get a full shot of your growspace, please :thumb:

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Hi Rico, I can't get a pic of the full set up, I'm really cramped for room. I'm in 2mx3mx2m tent, two MH lights at 400W. I have got the lights about 24 inches away from the top of the plants.

My PH is at 6.
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