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Nitrogen Toxicity Help


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Hello dear Experts,

i am a new grower and i keep on doing crucial mistakes due to lack of experience,

i made a mistake adding nutes to my plant at a time the plant didn't need any nutes

where i live there are no liquid nutes so i bought a soluble powder fertilizers with these ratios of N,P,K

20,5,5 for veg

5,20,20 for flowering

my plant now is in veg

and it is burnt due to too much "Nitrogen"
and as you can see the Nitrogen Toxicity is clear on the pics

my question is

how to treat this plant and what should i do ??

i flushed the plant with ph`d water "6.8:7" once 3 or 4 days ago and it got worse so i flushed it again today

so what is wrong am i doing ??

wish you all a merry Christmas and thanks for help in advance



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Re: Nitrogin Toxicity Help

Ph should be closer to 6 - not 7. Do you have a Ph pen? If not - get one. It's prolly the best single piece of equipment I ever bought.

Let the soil dry a bit. It looks like you got it in a pot that will allow you to tip the plant out and look at roots. Let it go till it is dry. Then water with half strength nuts till it straitens out.

~ Auggie ~

Fuzzy Duck

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Mmm not the worst case of nitrogen toxicity i've seen...

But ye a touch of nutrient burn and most of that droopy leaf stuff is more likely over watering which might be related to a jolly good flush just recently :thumb:

I'd let em dry out for a few days maybe more & they should pick up a tad by then, feeding once a week should be alright for vegging.

Right powdered nutrients ah !

It is a bit on the strong side some of those ratios, so i would not suggest using them as by instruction on packet in less ya want more nutrient burn ?

I would more likely be inclined to water it down to 1/4 strength application rate for next few weeks, feed once a week & just plain water in between if it all gets to dry for em.

Towards late veg try 1/2 strength application watch & observe for nutrient burn tho !

If ye get nutrient burn you might have to juggle some where between 1/4 to 1/2 strength mix as a suggestion,, some strains like lots of nutrients others don't ! ye i know its a minor head ache...

I'd more likely do the same ratios for flowering also...
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