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Nitrogen toxicity or overwatering?


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Hey all! First off, I'm a first time grower, so bear with me if I haven't fully grasped every concept there is. Which is also why I'm turning to you guys! After rummaging through the forums I have come to realize it is filled with fantastic experts and enthusiasts! Anyhow,

After doing some extensive searches on the forums and on the net in general, I've narrowed down my problem to two possible causes. (Details about medium, strain etc will be further down)

1) Nitrogen Toxicity
2) Overwatering

Since this is a first time grow, I initially watered my plant a little amount every day. After about a week or so growth, the lower leafs tips started turning dark green and clawing down. So I did some research, let it dry out for 4-5 days, and then yesterday I watered until I could see it slowly pouring out the bottom of the pot. Now, it sure has grown but it is still clawing down and the leaves on the node above are starting to present the same symptoms. Maybe you guys can help out confirming if it is nitrogen toxicity or not? The soil I have should (I think) have the right ratio of nutrients, but its pH is not optimal. I had hoped however, that the more neutral water would maybe even it out?

Here's some info about the grow

Sour Diesel
Soil (11-5-8, 5.5-6.5 pH)
CFL 140W 2200lm 6400K

16 days since plant popped out from under the soul.

To spare you guys some time and questions, I don't know the temp, humidity or pH of the grow cab. I am planning on buying things for this, and nutrients next time I get money. As for now, everything went to building my cabinet and feeding myself.

And for the plant itself

On a side note, I'm curious how the plant looks overall. Is it looking healthy otherwise/normal growth/color etc?

Thanks in advance for all the help and apologies if this post or the photos has been posted in the wrong sections! And if there's anything I missed I'm more than happy to answer any of your questions!


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:welcome: plant looks good man, It sounds like your on the right track with watering, always wait till its dry an then water slowly. Another member donpaulp. Told me about using a spray bottle to moisten the top layer of soil so it becomes more porous to soak up the water instead of it running down the side. It doesn't look like you need nutes yet, be carefull because over watering and nute burn are pretty easy to do and hard to come back from. I think your plan looks awesome! Maybe if you have time u should start a journal brother, there is a lot of knowledge on :420: and if you want to stop by my journal it's in my sig at the bottom. Peace


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Thanks for the quick reply and solid info mate!
DO you mean I should moisten the top layer with the spray bottle and then water it? And speaking of that, I've heard contradicting information regarding watering. Some say I should only water so that the first inch or so of soil gets soaked. But others say I should pour just up until it starts draining out the bottom.
Good thing I can wait with the nutes then! It's still a week or so before I can even afford them ;)

I was thinking of starting a journal. As for a first grow, I must say I've made it quite an ambitious project with a what will become auto semi-regulated cabinet :) I had the foresight of photographing the plant just about every day as well!


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The biggest thing I've learned that I think has made me a ok grower is to let the plant do its thing and focus more on a stable environment. If you have a stable environment then this plant can handle a lot of stuff and bounce right back. Let me know when u get your journal started so I can sub up!
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