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Nitrogen Toxicity


Are you facing any problem like dark green leaves, shiny leaves, clawing, weak stems, and overall slow growth? Or leaves that are bent at the ends? They also do an odd curving that is often mistaken for overwatering but is unique to nitrogen toxicity. Many new growers accidentally give their plants give too much NitrogenNitrogen, especially in the flowering stage, which results in dark, shiny, clawing leaves. Your plant needs a lot of Nitrogen in the vegetative stage, and low nitrogen is recommended in the flowering stage. Nothing to Panic about, for people who are new growers it could be an alarming situation but since everything has a solution.
- Reduce the amount of Nitrogen that is being fed to the plants.
- If you are feeding extra nutrients, cut down that amount.
- If you are in the flowering use a formula that’s specifically meant for flowering, or else it could have too much Nitrogen.
First Reduce the Nitrogen your plant is getting!
If you are not feeding extra nutrients, you may have “hot” soil that has been giving your plants additional nutrients.
In that case, flush your plants with filtered, pH’ed water to help clear the extra Nitrogen.
Affected leaves likely won’t recover, but you should see the problem halt with no new leaves being affected. I hope you guys will find it helpful. Enjoy
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