NizzlyBears 3rd Mars Hydro Grow 5-6 Cree Cob 4 x Alien


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Hey guys whats up! So lets get right in to it!

This will be my 3rd grow using Mars Hydro Lights. My first grow was in a 2x4 Mars tent with 2x Mars Reflector 96 panels. Did very well very dense nugs. My second grow I stepped up to a Mars 4x4 tent which I was super impressed with the quality. And used my 2 Reflector 96 panels with 2 Mars Cree cobs which the cobs did amazing.

So for this 3rd round I will be using:

4x Alien clones

4x4 Mars tent

5-6 x Mars Cree cobs for a total of 550-660 watts (about to put order in for 3-4 more cobs to replace reflectors)

Sunshine #4 in 5 Gallon short n wide pots.

Grotek full line of nutes reverse osmosis water

4 inch Vivosun inline fan with ipower filter. ( upgrading to 6 inch soon same brands) very quiet.

3 x 6 inch fans on yoyos will add a few more soon and a tower fan floor for bottom airflow.

Now you guys think the 5 cobs will be enough? The pdfs going by charts would be easily over a 1000 across the tent canopy as the cobs spread very well and put me right at the 35 watt a square foot which is nice if all of it was pure cree wattage but roughly half is orsam chips which is nice for the added blue reds, but maybe calls to run 6 cobs the get to the midway point beteen 35w square foot n 50w square foot and put me at 42w square foot. Im sure id have more light with 5 cobs than I have now with two reflector 96 and two cobs. So truly on the fence between 5 or 6 cobs lol.

Will post up pics tonight in a follow up post ive been vegging for awhile now. I got these when they were just rooted very small lol. Used to getting huge 3 footers from my care giver but glad because I was really able to lst these into all the same shape. They look very even cant tell whats the top barely soo happy with how there turning out hoping to get a pound and a half this time and really stretch these out as the cobs will penetrate well. Lmk what you guys think!
Sounds like a nice set up. ill have a seat here and watch.... i did my 1st grow with a small cheap amazon led and a MarsHydro 96 think was the 480. i been doing some DIY stuff with my old led grow panels. i think converting thoughs old led panels to COB lights is a great idea.

Ordered from RapidLED. 2 Vera29 3500k 80cre and the intensity is amazing and my plants are loving it!!
Thats a great idea Wingman! I am donating my reflector 96 panels to a friend and going to be placing my order for 3 more cobs tonight! Im hoping 5 cobs in total will be enough.

I just got them transplanted today into 5 gallons pots. Was going to take a pic but keep getti g this network error when siging in on my phone app to be able to take pics easily. Not sure what to do cuz its very ti.e consuming to upload pics to albums first rather than just take straight from phone camera shots.
5 pcs of COB is enough for your 4'x4' grow size, 4pcs of COB can cover 4'x4', but COB is only 105W, so 5pcs will be better and enough.

I'm only running a 2x4 tent space with 5 vero29 3500k 80cree cobs. Think it pulling around 315 watts at the wall. I'll convert my mars hydro reflector 96 to a 3 or4 cob grow light when I switch to a 4x4 grow space.
Went with 5 cobs will be at 550 watts. So the 420 magazine app for android is broken. I wont be posting any pictures until its fixed its way too time comsuming taking a pic uploading to gallery and then making the post when the phone app just inserts pics right into post.

Anyways ladies are looking good just watered today. Hoping the lights will be here by friday and the app gets fixed soon.
Hope all is well in your world.

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