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NJWeedman Ed Forchion Convicted Of Pot Possession

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Jurors in New Jersey have delivered a mixed verdict at the trial of a marijuana activist who lives in California and goes by the name "NJWeedman."

The panel in Mount Holly on Wednesday convicted Ed Forchion of possession of one pound of pot in the trunk of his car. However, they could not reach a verdict on whether he intended to distribute it.

The 47-year-old moved to Los Angeles several years ago to run a medical marijuana dispensary. He was arrested during a traffic stop in April 2010.

He could not use New Jersey's medical marijuana law as a defense.


'NJWeedman' Ed Forchion Convicted Of Pot Possession

NJ Weedman back in town with his weed mobile - YouTube


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Does this mean if I have a Big Pharma drug for say blood pressure and I go to a state that has banned this drug but I am carrying my normal 90 day supply bottle I can be arrested? Hmmm.
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