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NKOTB's 1st Ever Grow - Pineapplegum - WSS - Coco - LED - 2x2x4


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  • Strain? Black Skull Pineapplegum [Super Bud x Power Plant] (PG) and Strain Hunters White Strawberry Skunk (WSS)
  • Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? 60 Indica, 40 Sativa PG; 50/50 WSS
  • Veg or Flower stage? Veg- 28 days PG; 4 days WSS
  • Indoor or outdoor? Indoor. 2x2x4 tent
  • Soil or Hydro? Coco/perlite mix - last inch is pure perlite PG; pure perlite with a little coco WSS
  • What size pot? Cloth bag, holds around 3 gallons. 3 oz cup WSS
  • Size of light? 145w LED panel; (added last night) 271w CFL
  • Temp of Room/cab? Maxed at 91 with tent zipped and closet doors close. Most time mid-70s
  • RH of Room/cab? 40s, maxed at 71
  • PH of media or res? Watering with pH 5.9
  • Any Pests? Nada
  • How often are you watering? Everyday
  • Type and strength of ferts used? Started using GH 5/10 Lucas Formula with tap water a few days ago.

Ok. Well now that the logistics are out of the way.... :welcome: to my first grow. It definitely hasn't been going so great. I've learned a ton of information, so much trial and error. But my plant is still alive, albeit undersized so there's the silver lining.

PG, here after referred to as Penelope, popped her head above ground April 8th in a 32oz Gatorade bottle. The original plan was for a hempy bucket grow but I got paranoid about rot root when she started looking faint and wilted. Still not sure what the problem was then but there was some algae in the bottom of the bottle. Poor baby. She's been my test dummy. Currently, Penelope is now in a cloth recyclable type bag. After noticing a stop in growth, I decided to 1. lower my LED panel and 2. add CFLs for more lighting.

Here is Penelope's life thus far:

Around 6 days old

~11 days old

~16 days old

~18 days old

~19 days old

~28 days old

WSS, affectionately known as Whitney, isn't doing much of anything right now at 4 days old. She's in a 3 oz cup of perlite with a small amount of coco.

Originally, Whitney was suppose to be a solo cup grow but I've decided to try a 2.5 gallon hempy bucket. Once she outgrows the 3 oz cup, I'll transplant her into a 20 oz cup and then to the final 2.5 gallon bucket. A scrog will be installed over her bucket.

That's it so far...


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Opened the tent up this morning and definitely noticing perky new growth in Penelope's side branches since I tied her top down and started watering everyday. Huge mistake listening to people who have never grown in coco suggestions to let the pots dry out. I've been using a 1 gallon sprayer with no noticeable runoff. Going to do a flush tonight, then keep doing the 5/10 micro-bloom. Whitney will not recieve nutes til day 14


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Thanks :Namaste: It's a pleasure to be here.

Update: tried to move the bag around and ripped it. Now Penelope is in the 2.5 gallon hempy bucket I had designated for Whitney, who is taking her good old time producing foliage but I see new root growth in the bottom of the cup so no worries. This should be interesting. Still sticking with 5/10 Lucas formula and will now water with exactly 48 oz everyday to replace stagnant water in the reservoir. Penelope's has perked up significantly since lighting adjustments and she's getting quite fragrant! My wife walked into the bathroom while I was transplanting and immediately said, "it smells like some good weed in here" lol. I tied her down in new places and rotated so the top is away from the 3 hanging lights (noticed some canoeing on just the top). Begging for 16 mores days or longer, not sure yet. I'd like to flower both girls at the same time but don't think I have enough light


Hey my friend, for what i can see, you are letting your plants dry out a lot. Maybe with the bigger pot the problem will be fixed but try to give them enough water so they don't look so droopy. Coco and perlite is probably a better mix for a hydroponic system with regular watering (2 or 3 times a day), remember that coco has very good draining. Its cool that you name your girls, Me and my girl do that too, but i just realized that its hard for readers to keep track of which is which lol :laugh2:

Thanks for sharing, looking forward to see the result ;)
Keep it going! :goodjob:


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You're right about the watering. I listened to the advice of people who have no experience at all growing in coco about watering. Worst mistake.


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At 31 days since she broke ground, this is the best Penelope (Pineapplegum) has looked in a long time! Whitney (WSS) is taking her good old sweet time. At 7 days old I only have 1 set of true leaves and the root growth isn't all impressive either to be in a 3 oz cup of perlite/coco. Maybe she's getting too much light? Currently the cup is sitting on top of the Pineapplegum surface.


post a pic of the little whitney! For me the slow growth problem has been mainly roots that don't develop... i recommend you to change her pot to a bigger one and when you do, dig up a big nice hole before transplanting, take her out of the cup with the pile of coco (very carefully), then break down that pile (just a little bit), gently, without damaging the roots and put it on the the new pot. Try doing this as soon as possible, and in a quick process (you don't want to expose the roots) if you can get a root enhancer an feed her just after the transplant it will help even more and she'll get back on track. Hope this helps mate! cheers.


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This is Whitney, now at day 7.

My local Home Depot has super thrive in stock but I'll have to wait a few days for the extra coins. Is Superthrive a "one time only" treatment during the plants life cycle?


yeah, she looks fine it most be that she needs the space to develop roots... I've never used super thrive but i think it will help for the transplant. Its good for preventing shock to the plant, also for the foliar process, just use it in the soil, i've read that its not so good to spray it on the leaves. I've wanting to try it, let me know how it goes! ;)
I think you could use it in a regular basis, but suspend it during the flower period.(it slows down the flowering process)


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Man! sorry, im just checking out some info about super thrive, it says it should NOT be used regularly... so maybe just this time, to bring your plant back on track!

Yeah I know SuperThrive well and to be honest I'd be one of the ones who isn't huge on it. Sparingly and if needed go ahead. It's not all that great. Making a LIVE compost tea will do more for you, in my personal opinion :)


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Hey NKOTB Looking good so far, I'll sub in here to help you out where I can :)

Your plant in the Coco looks like it has a Magnesium deficiency as indicated by the interveinal chlorosis and purpling of the leaf stems. This can be caused by an actual deficiency or it can also be caused by the PH being too low.

I just want to ask a few questions to get an idea of whats actually going on with your plants if you don't mind :)

What PH are you feeding it and what is your EC or PPM of the solution at the moment?

Have you PHd or checked the EC of your run off?

It does not look like you are using any Cal/Mag, in my experience of growing with coco hempy buckets, a Cal/Mag supplement was really a necessity as coco binds Calcium making it unavailable to the plant and also affects Magnesium.

You say you are using Lucas formula, is your Micro for hard or soft water?

You should also have about 15% - 20% run off with coco to prevent nutrient build ups.

Did you rinse the coco to remove salt before planting in it?

Keep up the good work,


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Many thanks. I'm just learning (and relearning) as I go.

Well today I transplanted Whitney to a 22oz plastic cups with great drainage. One thing I noticed in the 3oz cup is that when there's more perlite than coco in a mix the coco tends to wash to the bottom probably from being smaller particles. I don't know exactly, just a guess. Any way here she is

Her leaves seem light green so I moved her away from the full blast of light. She's now at the bottom of the tent with 3 -23w bulbs dedicated.

Penelope...what can I say? Last week I accidentally snipped off more than I should her from her top but she's rebounded. I've been spraying her with water (not misting but like a stream on the foliage) and burned holes into the new growth smdh but otherwise, my confidence in this is growing daily.


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I really need to keep my hands off of Penelope, accidentally broke some more new growth while trying to push a fan leave down :icon_roll:

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Been there done that... Lol... Sigh...bad nkotb bad. :surrender: they're will be a branch to fill that space eventually. Now you have a project.

KiG :green_heart:cheers
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